Sunday, June 03, 2012


Many civilians may criticize the hard hitting action but if they think hard, they will agree that while it may seem to be overkill, the police efficiently and effectively dealt with this bank robbery, contained the venue, protected the lives of any potential hostages plus their own when they swarmed the event.

This limited but impressive action deserves praise but the Obama administration's plans for mass arrests and large scale internment if things do not go their way in the upcoming elections , definitely bodes ill for our nation's rights and freedoms.

Heads up! You have been warned as to what to expect from this very radical, increasingly dangerous man in the Oval office as his narcissistic, megalomaniac plans go awry as people begin to truly see he is a self-indulgent nutcase. Perhaps no big thing in the big picture but in this terrible economy into which he has plunged us (way past credible blame Bush excuses) HE FLIES IN A BARBER TO CUT HIS HAIR - EVERY TWO WEEKS!!! (Or is there more to this bimonthly meet than meets the eye?)

Before you view the video below, check this out! SELF-DEFENSE is now a CRIME under the example the Obama regime sets. Under the Eric Holder regime, which arrests a casino owner who tries to establish if their employees are working legally, that has ordered Florida NOT to verify if voters are eligible to vote and NOT to purge the voter rolls of any ineligibles, which has sued Arizona for enforcing immigration laws, which terrifies States NOT to check on Obama's eligibility and which allows Hawaii to flout the Constitution!,0,7587242.column

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