Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Rep Steve King: Obama Legislating by Press Conference, Governing by Edict Like a King Thank you for the 

Courage to Honor the Oath Which You Have Sworn to DO what apx 100% Dems and 99% GOP REFUSE To Do!

Arpaio Live Event Sign Up Page
“Taxing Clause.”5 Lawless Judges & Obamacare..'I challenge..Roberts, 

Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsberg, & Breyer..’

Obama's World! Number of Americans on Disability Exceeds Number of People in New York

Allen West: Military Infiltration Part Of “Stealth Jihad”

Obama’s Misery Taxes “..The law is more than likely to be repealed than amended, as tax law changes only need a simple majority in the Senate fifty one votes..Obama has now violated the Democrats mantra of “lay no taxes on the poor and middle class, soak the rich in all things taxes”

Michelle Obama Encourages Pastors to Break the Law

Michelle Obama Wrong! Barack More Like Evil King Ahab

Elizabeth Warren: My Aunt Bea Was White Before She Was Indian 'Liberalism is totalitarianism with a human face.'~Thomas Sowell

Allen West Calls Out Obama: “He Does Not Want You to Have Self-Esteem… He’d Rather You Be His Slave” (Video)

Unexamined Premises » John Roberts and the Cloward-Piven Strategy ‘..But the worst thing about the whole fiasco — the law itself, the way it was passed, the dishonesty of its adherents and the court’s wholesale abrogation of constitutional principles — is that it is a direct assault on the citizens of the United States, and a blatant attempt by the forces of liberal fascism to turn us into subjects’

Obama The First Invented-American President 

Mark Levin: Time for Supreme Court justice term limits [VIDEO]

New Evidence Obama May Have Turned Roberts

Supreme Court Helps Obama Fulfill Dreams from His Communist Mentor ‘..Frank Marshall Davis..smiling from his grave ‘

Rasmussen: Conservative Anger Over Obamacare Hitting 'Stratospheric Levels'

Newly uncovered documents show Warren’s ancestors listed as ‘white’ Another Dem FRAUD Candidate For Senate!

Obamas Constitutional Crisis

Romney Breaks With GOP, Says Mandate Is Penalty, Not Tax - With Video

Trump: Roberts "Wanted To Be Loved By The Washington Establishment"

Tax Increases in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Mooch: There's “No Place Better” Than Church To Talk About Political Issues DEMS Wouldn't 
EXIST Without Double Standard

Islamic Cleric Bans Women From Touching Bananas And Cucumbers To Avoid “Sexual Thoughts”

CNN Poll of Battleground States: Romney 51% – Obama 43%…

Obama Campaign Website Plays The Ku Klux Klan Card Defending the Indefensible!

Rasmussen: Conservative Anger Against ObamaCare Is at “Stratospheric Levels”

The Cheese Stands Alone… Only 18% of Americans Agree With Obama’s Irresponsible Keystone Position

The Muslim Brotherhood In America - By Frank Gaffney
'Liberalism is totalitarianism with a human face.'~Dr. Thomas Sowell

Obama Now OWNS ObamaCareTAX! Thank Him By FIRING HIS BUTT Nov 6th!

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