Monday, July 09, 2012


The Eternal Stupidity of Liberalism: Without God, Everything is Permitted--Fyodor Dostoevsky 'Liberalism is totalitarianism with a human face.'~Dr. Thomas Sowell

To Capture a Nation: 'When they drew Obama on paper they were so crazed by power lust, they never noticed that their candidate was also lazy, narcissistic and dull as proverbial dish water when unattached from a Teleprompter. With all of their big plans for the Fundamental Transformation of America, including in-house media, social network, Hollywood and Astroturf control, they are both outnumbered and out-passioned by the masses, who will fight to the death for their children and grandchildren' 

John Roberts: Bribery or Blackmail? Larry Klayman Wants an Investigation of Chief Justice's Apparent Flip-Flop

Hath Roberts Wrought? '..failed 2 protect individual liberty vs power-hungry govt..undermined..peoples' political choices..corrupted democratic process'

Florida will not implement ObamaCare: Health law treats symptoms, not the disease, by Governor Rick Scott

US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty On July 27! We Are Only Weeks, Months Away From a Total Dictatorship if Allowed 2 Occur

UN Agenda 21 Threatens America's Constitutional Rights

Black Pastors Group: Pride in Obama Has Turned to Shame

UN gun control and the Constitution; FACTS! Anything repugnant to the Constitution if VOID Marbury V Madison 5 U.S. 137

“If Obama Is Reelected, We Will Be Hunted Down Like Dogs”

Krauthammer: Israel Will Bomb Iran If They Think Obama Will Win A Second Term…

Why Should We Trust Obama With Our Health When We Can’t Trust Him With Our Jobs?

Contempt: The Defining Characteristic of the Obama Presidency '..Never have we seen a prez so full of naked contempt..doesn't just disagree with others; he holds them in contempt'

Virginia School Bows To ACLU Demands, Removes 10 Commandments Display… Defund ACLU!

10 reasons why jobs market even worse than weak June employment report The Devil's
 in the Details!

Betting on America: Obama Regime to Invest $20 Million in Wind Farms & Solar Panels for Africa

Libertarian Johnson: Bring in Free-Market Healthcare Reforms

Sanctuary Insanity: California Senate Passes “Anti-Arizona” Bill to Protect Illegal Aliens

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