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Things you should know!

Mitt gets a standing ovation at the NAACP..Did Mitt just have his first moment of "campaign magic" with the NAACP.. style and content rose to the occasion. He even earned himself a standing ovation from a civil rights lobby - a big win for a Republican candidate’

Sick Of Being Called A Racist Yet? 'Were George Zimmerman black, nobody would know Trayvon Martin’s name..I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty damn tired of being called a racist for wanting frauds and murderers to be punished'

Once a Liar...'Who but complete deluded idiots can believe anything Barack Obama says anymore? Obama may envision a legacy laden with accolades and accomplishment, but he will never be more than a demagogue -- who was lying to a nation and himself when he thought he was bigger than the dream''

Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Among Blue-Collar Men Sinks To Historic Lows, 28%…

The Fourth Reich: Abortion Holocaust..'I love America. She’s the greatest nation on earth. Nonetheless, as long as we continue to allow this enduring slaughter of the most innocent among us, we are no better than was Nazi Germany. Abortion on demand will be viewed by our progeny as the single greatest blight on our American heritage. To live under Roe v. Wade is to live in shame. To live under pro-abortion leadership is to live under the Fourth Reich'

A Second Term Will Be Terminal..Another four years of Obamanomics and Argentina will be crying for us

Fast and Furious is not a D.C. law firm

Barack Obama’s Impoverished Half-Brother Makes Film Debut in Dinesh D‘Souza’s Anti-Obama Documentary

New Poll: Majority of “Likely Voters” believe Obama is destroying USA

Romney To NAACP: Obama Has Made It Worse For You “In Almost Every Way”…

What Mitt Romney SHOULD Say To The NAACP..'The course the black community takes is not up to any ONE politician. It's starts with you.. YOU can break this cycle. By doing so, you can make them actually work for your vote and improve the schools, create a climate conducive to job creation and employment. You can hold them accountable. In the end, it’s all up to you'

Romney strikes back at Obama’s transparency calls: Where are the Fast and Furious documents?

Krauthammer: Liberals Wants Us “Living at the Tit of the Government”

NAACP Event Requires Photo I.D. To See Holder Speak In State Being Sued Over Voter ID Hypocrites 0n Parade

Senate Democrats Block Obama’s Tax-Cut Bill… HIGH TIME SEN DEMS HELP Rather than THWART TAXPAYER INTERESTS

DNA From Chains Used By Occupy Wall Street Protest Linked To 2004 Murder Case

Mark Levin: Obama's new tax plan is to raise taxes on EVERYONE by 2014, regardless of income

Devastating new ad exposes Obama's real war on women

Soros-Backed SuperPAC Targeting Allen West Confidential Memo Leaked

The Corn Is Dying All Over America

Limbaugh: Romney ‘sounded like Snow White with testicles’ at NAACP convention [AUDIO]

Breaking: House Votes To Repeal ObamaCare, Five Dems Vote With GOP…

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Stealing $Millions In U.S. Taxpayer Aid For Himself And His Cronies…

Video: NAACP Crowd Cheers Mitt Romney For “Defending Traditional Marriage”…

Coalition Of 1,300 Black Pastors Heading To Houston To Protest NAACP’s Support For Gay Marriage…

ID Required to Report on Holder’s NAACP Speech (but not to vote?)

Mark Levin: Obama Re-election Would Be ‘National Suicide’

Dinesh D’Souza opens up about his upcoming documentary, ‘Obama’s America: 2016′

Devastating Video: Barack Obama, Outsourcer-in-Chief

Trump Explains DumboCare ‘
We're going to be "gifted" with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don't, 
which purportedly covers at least ten million more people, without adding a single new doctor
but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents
written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it
passed by a Congress that didn't read it 
but exempted themselves from it
signed by a Dumbo President who smokes, 
with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, 
for which we'll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect
by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, 
and financed by a country that's broke! 
What the hell could possibly go wrong?'

Obama Regime Set to Close Nine Border Patrol Stations Across Four States

Obama Gets his Civilian Army In Healthcare Bill O 

Obozo Now OWNS OC TAX! FIRE HIM Nov 6th! 

Poll: Huge Majority of Americans Want Arizona-Style Immigration Laws For Their States

House GOP Bill Seeks To Ban Obama From Handing Out DOE “Green” Energy Loans…

Texas Is America's Top State for Business 2012 Take a Bow, Gov. Rick Perry!

CBO: Wealthy Americans Pay More Than Their Fair Share Of Taxes, Lost Most In Recession…

Obama’s plan will cut taxes for the millionaires in the White House

Iran Considers Legalizing Marriage for Girls Under 10-Yrs-Old 2 Comply With Sharia Law Islam=Political, Military System, Not ROP

David Axelrod Says Romney Most Secretive Candidate: What About Obama's Records?

How Obama Literally Hypnotized America-Pt 2 'WHAT HE'S ACTUALLY DOING.. actions far more deceptive than simply lying'

The Final Executive Order: Death of the Republic..How A Financial Lockdown Could Happen

Training Ground For Eric Holder’s Fast And Furious Cover-up, Part 1

Obama To Be Exposed As Fraudulent President! - July 17, 2012 Video

NAACP Requires Photo ID To See Eric Holder Speak About His Efforts To Stop Voter ID Laws…

Chief Justice (England's Neville Chamberlain 'Appeasing Hitler Statism) : John Roberts abandons Constitution, Court, and Conservatives.. But make no mistake, this drive to remove liberty and freedom in the name of Statism is exactly what's happening. The Roberts decision being only the latest (albeit more publicized) example of a bitter cup that will be offered year by year, month by month, day by day, hour by hour, picking up speed and specificity as this tragedy unfolds… But both men made a critical mistake. They both saw their very different jobs -- Prime Minister of Great Britain and Chief Justice of the United States -- through the very same lens. Appeasement. Pacifying the other guy at the expense of First Principles. It didn't work in 1938 for Neville Chamberlain. It will not work in 2012 for John Roberts. And in the latter case, both the Supreme Court -- and America -- will be the loser. Because in the end, this decision was a momentous sham'

Ouch!… Former Obama Donor Holds High Dollar Fundraiser for Romney with Former Obama Donors

The Real Price of Obama's Prevarications..'What Obama and his media enablers have wrought..a constituency more alienated and a country more divided than before the "historic" 2008 election. And if Obama is defeated in November and George Zimmerman is acquitted, trust me, no one will enjoy the fireworks that ensue'

'THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD': Horrible Heat And Drought Conditions Are Creating The Worst Crop Conditions Since 1988

Rep. Steve King: I like an America where people feel guilty for being on the government dole (welfare)

Miami school board members oppose Michelle Obama campaign stop at high school

CADDELL: Taxes and Trust - The Achilles Heels of Obamacare and Obama, Part I

8 Vital Skills to Teach Your Children That Will Trump an Ivy League Education TAKE THIS to THE BANK!

Obamanomics Outsourced: The Truth About How Obama Shipped the Recovery Overseas Hypocrite-in-Chief Obama!

Chief Justice John Roberts Twisted Kennedy’s Arm to Vote Pro-ObamaCare..'Those who would pervert justice would also seek to corrupt their peers'

Hamas: Allah Used The Nazis To Punish The Jews, Now It’s The Islamic Nation’s Turn To Punish Them… Islam=Political, Legal, Military System, NOT RELIGION of PEACE!

DOJ Indictment Shows ROE Forced Slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry To Fire Bean Bags At Drug Cartel Gunmen…

Poll: Majority of Americans Still Want ObamaCare Repealed…

Oops: Obama Admits Government “Overpaid” $14B In Jobless Benefits, Pmts Sent To Illegal Aliens And Jailed Convicts…

Anchorage Construction Signs Hacked to Read “Impeach Obama”…

IL Planned Parenthood Under Investigation For Billing Medicaid More Than $3 Million In One Year…

White House Says Obama Will Veto Any Bill That Doesn’t Raise Taxes On Those Making Over $250K… Zippers

EXPOSED! Romney Campaign Bus Sabotaged, Alternator Belt Cut Libs Would Be Nowhere Without Deceit, Corruption, Dishonesty

House Ethics Committee Launches Inquiry of Dem Rep. Shelley Berkley Another Crooked Lib EXPOSED!

Poll: 69% Want Obama to Come Clean On Fast And Furious…

Nigerian Muslims Burn 50 Christians Alive After Trapping Them In Pastor’s Home…

Obama Campaign: “We Could Lose If This Continues”… COUNT ON IT!

DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz Demands Romney Release Tax Returns, Refuses To Release Her Own MORON at LARGE!

As Expected: Libs Attack Brad Pitt’s Mom 4 Criticizing Obama Big Question..Will Lib Brad Pitt DEFEND His Mother?

Obama Administration Continues To Exclude Israel From Its Global Counterterrorism Initiative

Salafi Clerics Call For Egypt’s Great Pyramids To Be Destroyed…

CNN Airs False Accusation That Romney Broke Tax Laws, Video

Gov. Rick Perry‘s Scathing Letter to HHS Saying That Texas Won’t Implement Parts of ‘Obamacare’

Arizona Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema wrongly listed as Hispanic in group directory

Christie: War on Drugs a ‘failure’ ..OC on Medicaid to States was Extortion
Son Of Hamas Founder: “Time To Expose Mohammed”…

John Roberts’ Move to the Dark Side ‘Justice Replaced Constitutionalism with Politics..The Roberts ruling is a naked admission that the U.S. Constitution is no longer an obstacle to the unlimited growth of the federal government through its taxing powers..when the dust settles and all the arguments are considered, there is only one conclusion to be reached: Roberts surrendered constitutional standards in favor of the cultural standards of the nation’s power elite’ Who Will EVER TRUST Him Again? How Can ANY Other SCOTUS Opinion EVER be TRUSTED?

George Will: If 7M People Hadn’t Left Work Force We’d Have 10.9% Unemployment and Nobody Would Be Talking ‘Recovery’

The Rise and Threat of Radical Islam: An Interview with Brigitte Gabriel

Proof That Terrorists Are Entering U.S. From Mexican Border

The Gathering Storm within the GOP ' What is needed ASAP, is a NEW GOP establishment, one comprising people who value George Washington over Washington, D.C., individual liberty over party privilege, & the Framers' conception of America over their own all-too-clever stratagems 4 an incremental surrender masked as "conservatism." In short, America needs a GOP Party establishment that values the Constitution over cocktail parties'

25 Signs The Collapse Of America Is Speeding Up As Society Rots From The Inside Out

The Supreme Court is wrong: ObamaCare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

EXCLUSIVE - CADDELL: Taxes and Trust - The Achilles Heels of Obamacare and Obama

White House Finally Admits Brian Terry Was Shooting Beanbags Against Cartel Assault Rifles Nail Holder's Butt 4 This!

Majority of Likely Voters Believe Obama Has Changed America… For the Worse They'd Have 2 be BRAIN-DEAD NOT 2!

Obama to Raise Taxes on 940,000 Households, Says: “I’m Not Proposing Anything Radical Here”

Campaign Commercials Romney Should Run: Mitt Romney is exhibiting an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

‘Defeat Obama’ drive dodges MSM, thrives online

Poll: Americans Support House Holding Eric Holder In Contempt By Wide 53% To 33% Margin…

The Color of Your Character..Liberals have a racial answer to everything they find inconvenient about our president

Allen West: Social Security Disability “A Form Of Modern, 21st-Century Slavery”…

Time 4 Obama 2 Go! Holds Two $40,000-Per-Head Fundraisers Today 173rd &174th Filing For Reelection Filing 15 Mos Ago\40000-per-head-fundraisers-today-numbers-173-and-174-since-filing-for-reelection-15-months-ago

Obama Invites Egypt’s Jihadi Leader To Come Hang Out With Him

Ted Nugent – Roberts the Turncoat

No Joke: U.N. Names Iran To Group Overseeing Arms Treaty Conference…

Bain Attack Fail: Obama Struggling in Swing States

Second Obama Cabinet Official Faces Contempt of Congress Charge

Obama's Social Security Number Seriously Challenged

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