Sunday, July 01, 2012


An Unjust Law is No Law at All: Why Obamacare Must Fall: "Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God" Thomas Jefferson

Idaho Leads 27 Sovereign States In Nullifying Obama Austerity Health [sic] Bill.:

Nullified: Obama Says It’s Not a Tax Increase--Roberts Says It Is Roberts Enacts ObamaTAX Into Law-Obama Now OWNS ObamaTAX!

Thomas Dissents: It’s All Unconstitutional  'James Madison would be proud of Clarence Thomas'

Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, And Alito Say Roberts Decision Illegal: “We Cannot Rewrite the Statute to Be What It Is Not”

Using the Power to Destroy us Through Taxation for 200 Years

Constitutional Contortions..'A forlorn marker on a great nation’s descent into decline and decay'

The Road to Repeal: A lot has to go right for Republicans between now and then

Obama Touts his Islamic Middle Name to Muslims In Michigan

WSJ Economist: Brunt of ‘ObamaCare’ TAX Will Be Shouldered by Those Making Under $120K

Enjoy Your Broccoli   ‘Chief Justice Roberts upheld ObamaCare's individual mandate with verbal wizardry

 Legal Gimmickry Rescues Obama and

The Best Anti-Obama Video Ever Made

Call To Action: We Must Retake The Senate To Repeal ObamaCare - List Of Closest Senate Races And Links To Get Involved

How Atheist’s Crusade Brought Us Obamacare..'“The 1963 case was one of the troika of cases that worked to destroy the basic family unit,” Murray explained. “One of the striking things about Obamacare is that it was pushed and promoted out of its necessity because of the breakup of the family. There is no one to take care of the family, because of this'

FedUpUSA Co-Founder Karl Denninger On Capital Account: The Healthcare Fiasco

Obama Now OWNS ObamaTAX! 2012 Not an Election but a RESTRAINING ORDER! Dump 100% Dems & RINOs for Citizen Legislators to Honor US Constitution!

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