Saturday, July 21, 2012


At 3am local news channel 9 reporting about the Colorado shooting said that  one of the TWO gunmen had been identified as
Mohammad Alam!! The other had fled and not yet identified.

Now local authorities deny they ever gave out this information and claim Channel 9 TV must have been mistaken or fallen for a hoax.

Nobody can explain why a specific name of an Iranian born immigrant would have been used for either the "mis-information" or a hoax. Far more likely that the information that the perpetrator was a Moslem was ordered scrubbed under the Obama pro-Islamic directives to NOT link any violence to anything nor anyone Islamic.

Specially at the start of their fasting month of Ramadan.

Also, unless funded by Islamic activists or agents, where would an out of work student find the $20,000 needed for all the weapons, expensive body armor, thousands of rounds of ammunition and other items he acquired in a matter of some four months!

Some digging into this "James Holmes" aka "Mohammad Alam" tends to indicate the person of interest is not 24 as stated but more likely to be 38 years old.

Also note that in the past two or three years the Islamic Republic - aided and abetted by Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has handed out student visas like confetti to agents of the Iranian Ministry of Information and Security, which has flooded our Universities with their infiltrators.

And relaxed/removed prior restraints where visitors from Iran were required to register on arrival and provide photos and fingerprints. And were NOT granted multiple entry visas as they are now routinely permitted to request and receive.

Visitors from Arab and Islamic countries, from which 99% of terrorist attacks emanate have also been exempted under Obama orders.

Over 10,000 highly dangerous Palestinians have been "imported" as "refugees" under a $900 Million slush fund budget to provide him with a strike force consisting of anti-American minded Arabs, eager to support him against us.

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