Thursday, August 02, 2012


Rush To Find Obama’s College Transcripts And B.C. 

O’s 1st act as POTUS..EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489 banning release of any of his records

O's Signature Move; Unsealing Private Records of Political Opponents..destroys opponents by exploiting embarrassments

Left Protests West Virginia Chick-Fil-A By Calling In Bomb Threat

Muslim Worldwide Persecution of Christians and NO ONE CARES!

Again: Media Skew Swing State Polls to Boost Obama 
Media's Shameful Journalistic Dishonesty & Failure of Leadership!

Blacks are Reconsidering their Allegiance to Democrats

Americans flock to support Chick-fil-A 'Let's pray it's a preview of turnout for the November election'

Liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Blocks Arizona Pro-Life Law Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks...

Hillary Clinton: America's Worst Secretary of State: And Then Some! Offers $50,000 Reward for Obama-Khalidi Jew-Bashing Tape LA Times Hid

Atty. Mario Apuzzo Responds To Fred Thompson's Article Defending Marco Rubio's Eligibility

Why are liberals so intolerant?

Team Obama Seizing Western Water Supplies

Barack Obama’s Walk Down The Gay Marriage Plank

Mitt Romney Better Move to Right, Says Emboldened Tea Party

Georgia lumberyard owner hammers Obama on 'You didn't build that'

GA Voters reject transportation tax

Twitter Will Gauge Voter Sentiment in New Venture

Ted Cruz’s Victory Foretells Conservative Takeover of GOP 

New video testimonial series: “I’m A Proud Native American, And Elizabeth Warren Does Not Represent Me”

The Results Are In also

Green Graft Machine..Formula for DOE Green Technology-Scandal

Inhofe: Obama urging defense contractors ‘to disobey the law’ by not warning of layoffs

Fast and Furious report: Gunwalking idea came from top Holder deputies in 2009

McConnell: Obama's trying to hide defense job losses to aid his reelection Serial Liar-in-Chief Obama Exposed Yet Again 4 Shameful Dishonesty & Failure of Leadership!

Gallup: Obama Approval Below 50 In All Major Swing States Fire O, 100% Dems, RINOs & 99% GOP Nov 6th 4 

Santorum: Chick-fil-A a victim of ‘intolerance and bigotry’

GOP Should Invite Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy to Address Convention

Coalition of Black Pastors Slams Mayors For Wanting To Ban Chick-Fil-A, Say It's The "Same Thing" As Banning Blacks From Restaurants

Anti-Gun Laws Favor Criminals

Voter ID rules protect seniors, minorities from fraudsters, says new study

Cruz beats Dewhurst "Millions of Texans, millions of Americans rising up 2 reclaim our country, 2 defend liberty & 2 defend the Constitution"

Bad Economy, Bad Policy, More Poverty and Welfare Dependency:

Obama Trying To Overthrow US Govt: Lawsuit Filed In Alaska..'claims Obama, by taking office, has committed a crime of trying to overthrow the U.S. government’

America’s Malaise Is BACK!..'Let me be clear. Liberalism is one thing. Socialism is entirely another—and what we have in the Oval Office in Washington, DC, is a socialist President with a socialist agenda and a socialist Democratic Party in charge of the US Senate, which is hell bent on destroying America. Period! To top if all off, if we don’t catch a break, we’re going to have a socialist Supreme Court—very soon—and THAT will be the end of America
THIS is what you get when you elect a socialist to lead a capitalist nation. 

THIS is what you get when you elect socialists to Congress. 

And don’t kid yourself, Obama and his cadre of communists have only begun!  

Given a second term he WILL finish the job. He WILL take America to the outhouse of history'

Illegals Obama Refused 2 Deport Charged W/19 Murders, 142 Sex Crimes Refusal 2 Uphold Rule of Law & Failure of Leadership

20 Million Visit Huckabee’s Chick-fil-A Support Event on Facebook

‘The Communist’..Really Important “There were times I was sick to my stomach,” said bestselling author Paul Kengor regarding the process of writing his latest the American people know what they elected in November 2008?”

GOP Old Boys Network still using Pony Express..'Era of unprecedented destruction from the most unvetted US president of all time.. Sarah Palin’s record and leadership abilities speak for themselves and anybody would do better to emulate them than to marginalize themselves by taking swipes at her.'

Desperate Obama Going BACKWARDS for Help! 'Obama has been forced to reach way back into history for help from none other than William Jefferson Clinton, former U.S. president and the last Commander-in-Chief to be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors while in office? When will Obama mature to the point where he can stand on his own two feet? Will he ever be able to handle the presidency with skill and ability and without blaming W. Bush and using Clinton as a crutch?'

Believe In Our Future: 'Believe in the America YOU Built! We Can Build it Again' Leadership Front & Center!

Palestinian Parallels..'Romney's visit 2 Israel..parallel betw..diffces dividing Israel & Palestinians..Romney & Obama'

Wash. Post, NY Times furious at Romney for demolishing their false Israeli-Palestinian narrative:

Pelosi’s New Archbishop: We Could Be Moving Toward Despotism And She Hasn't Been Excommunicated Because..?

Obama CRUSHED by Rove Ad Cloward-Piven Strategy of Govt Dependence 2 Collapse System…Free Stuff from Dems 4 Votes at Taxpayer Expense!

Obama Campaign Stiffs California City $35K... Just AsThey've Stiffed American Taxpayers!

Same-Sex Marriage Platform Complicates Dem Senate Campaigns COUNT ON IT!

To My Government: Take Out The Trash

GM Stock Hits New Lows, Company in Turmoil Payback?

Rationing Begins: States Limiting Drug Prescriptions for Medicaid Patients

HHS Sued for Records Detailing Grant to the National Council of La Raza

Pakistani Owner of Swanky Santa Monica Hotel: “Get the [expletive] Jews out of my Pool”

..End Govt Borrowing, End the Fed, Replace all Fed Reserve Notes w/US Treasuries, End Fractional Reserve Lending

US Entrepreneurship Dead?

See the man who challenges Obama’s family story “..Barack Obama has a deeply disturbing family background, which he intentionally hid to obscure a Marxist political foundation”

Desperate: Obama Campaign Brings Up ‘Felons’ in Latest Ad.. O’s 1st act as 

POTUS..EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489 banning release of any of his records

The People v. The Democratic Party..writer Michael Walsh puts the Democratic Party on trial and presents the case for abolishing what is nothing more than “a criminal organization masquerading as a political party the Democratic Party has been a public enemy – an organization antithetical to our nation’s traditions, civic virtues, and moral values.” In fact, “the party of slavery, segregation, secularism, and sedition has always been in the forefront of everything inimical to the United States of America.”

Washington Times: Crime of the Century; Congress’ Fingerprints at the Crime Scene

Congressman Steve King Addresses Obama's Eligibility: Will Deal With It After Election

Federal Judge Upholds Arizona Law Banning Abortions After 20 Wks

Pant Suits (Clinton) Outraged Republicans Have Noted The Ties Between Huma Abedin And The Muslim Brotherhood...

Federal Judge Rules Obama Appointees Interfered With New Black Panther Prosecution...

Gay Marriage Headed to DNC Platform Fire Obama, 100% Dems, RINOs & 99% GOP Nov 6th 4 Citizen 

Elizabeth Warren Praising Communist China As a Model 4 America! Will Someone Please SEND her there?

Sign Petition 2 Stop Discrimin v Christians-Stand W/Chick-Fil-A! Chick-Fil-A Apprec Day Wed Aug1st 4 Tradit'l Marriage

AMZN’s Bezos' $2.5M v Traditional Marriage! Eat at Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day Wed Aug 1st 4 Traditional Marriage!

Mayors thrashed 4 talk of Chick-fil-A ban..'should be wake-up call 2 every American who believes in liberty & freedom'

Sarah Palin, Allen West: We Love Chick-Fil-A Eat at Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day Wed Aug 1st 4 Traditional Marriage!

Allen West Mocks Chicago Dems During Visit: I Came Here To Open A Chick-Fil-A...

Sarah Palin Takes On Democrat Terrorist in Chick-fil-A Fight |

So Much For That Gutsy Call… Obama Canceled Operation to Kill Osama 3 Different Times – Then Waited 16 Hrs to Make Call

Stanley Kurtz Exposes Obama's War on the Suburbs: Ideological Key to Obama's Past, Present, and Future

Video: Colonel Lawrence Sellin Explains Why Identity Thief Barack Obama Is Not In Jail

All the Dependency Pieces Are Falling into Place: 

Cloward-Piven Strategy of Govt Dependence 2 Collapse System…Free Stuff from Dems 4 Votes at Taxpayer Expense!

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Spends $2.5 Million on Destruction of Marriage

The Political Destruction of Economics, Economies And Society

NY Times Calls White House Handling Of Churchill Bust Story "Bumbling And Amateurish"

Obama Issues Executive Order Establishing Race-Based Discipline System for Public Schools

Tea Party Candidate Ted Cruz Is Destroying The Establishment Republican TX Sen Primary Destroy Away From Coast 2 Coast!

Romney Backs Israeli Stance on Iran, Vows Support of Jerusalem as Capital

McCain: Still As Dumb As A Box Of Rocks

Government Corruption On Display: Pedophilia

Anti-Communist Leader Lech Walesa to Mitt Romney: You Need to Be Successful for US & Rest of the World Too

Liz Cheney Splits With Dad – Says Sarah Palin is “More Qualified Than Obama and Biden Combined”

Immigration Policies under a President Romney: Less Illegal, More Legal


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