Friday, August 10, 2012


We tried to post a full list of the weekly - OPEN SOURCE - IED incidents listed by country but GOOGLE is not allowing it to post. 

UPDATE: finally got a chopped up version to post. Scroll down a couple of articles below this one.'s Terrorism incident mapping system also includes a continuously updated display of other categories of events, including incidents or threats to Aviation, Railways, Buses and Bus Stations, Dams and Bridges, BioTerrorism, Radiation Incidents and Thefts Of Radioactive Material, Chemical Incidents/Attacks, Maritime incidents, Oil/Gas/Energy incidents, Assassinations, Abductions, Cyber-Terrorism, Shootings/Sniper Events, Kills/Captures of Terrorists, Threats To Military Installations, Threats To Embassies And Consulates, Eco-Terrorism And Similar Incidents, Terrorism Court Cases, and other related activities.

NEW CyberCrime/Cyber-Terrorism Beta Map:
New/ Temporary RNC Map
New/ KFR – Beta Map
HAZMAT Situations Map - North America
Zoonotic Disease Outbreaks Map - Global - (Primarily those with bioterrorism potential)
Non-Terrorism Aviation Incidents - Global - (Crashes, emergency landings, lasings, incursions)
Earthquakes - Global - (Including Data from USGS and data from other governments)
Presidential Threat Map - Global - Threats to POTUS, other protectees, assets
Major Drug Interdictions - Global
Gang Activity- North America
Border Security Issues - North America
Amber Alerts/ Other Missing Children - North America
Text Box: 72GlobalIncidentMap.Com Open Source IED Report
IED Explosions, Bomb Threats, Scares, Hoaxes, Thefts Of Explosives,
And Other Explosive Plots 08-03-2012 – 08-10-2012
(Now sorted by Country And Date by popular request)
Food/Medicine Incidents - Global -Adulteration - Counterfeiting
Use our continuously updated dashboard/brief at Also Provides Custom Media Monitoring And Mapping Of Data Matching Specific Customer Criteria, Produces Customi2ed Incident Mapping By Military, Government , Law Enforcement, And Corporate Security Customers. from all of our maps are available in KML, GeoRSS, and other feed protocols.

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