Monday, August 13, 2012


Also note the next article 'EYE ON IRAN' courtesy UANI, which has appeared sporadically here and will be seen more often as matters with Iran escalate and they increase their frequency. 


Susan Daniels, Private Investigator Challenging Obama's CT Social Security Number Gets Court Hearing

Obama College Classmate: The Scandal At Columbia That Ends The Obama Presidency

Romney Campaign Raises $3.5M Within 24 Hours of Ryan Pick

Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans..'The overwhelming majority of Americans do not understand that Obama's first term was dedicated to putting in place executive power to enable him and the administration to fulfill the campaign promise of "transforming America” in his second term regardless of which political party controls Congress. That is why his re-election team is virtually ignoring the plight of incumbent or prospective Democratic Party office holders'

Evidence Senator McCaskill was aware of Obama ineligibility in ‘08

'AMERICA'S COMEBACK TEAM' RYAN Vows 'Courage to tell you the truth'..'If You Have a Small Business-You Did Build That!'

Have You Seen The List Of 75 Documented Lies That Obama Has Told?

Obama College Classmate: The Scandal At Columbia That Ends The Obama Presidency

VIDEO: Paul Ryan took apart Obama and ObamaCare -- in 6 minutes! via

The Civil War of 2016: U.S. Military Officers Are Told To Plan To Fight Americans

He’s baaack! The Ten Commandments judge

Weird Details of the United Nation’s Creepy, Cult-Like Environmental Religion

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