Sunday, August 19, 2012



1) The Islamic Iran regime has recently released 130 "pardoned" political prisoners, mostly news or internet persons, who according to the regime regretted their sins and  had asked for pardons on the eve of the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan on Eid Fetr.

In their  "compassion", the brutal regime had 13 of them savagely whipped before they were let go.

2) In a speech, immediately after the lethal earthquakes in Northwestern Iran where hundreds died and an estimated 5,000 were injured and where whole villages were crumpled to the ground, holocaust denier, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad said nothing  and offered no sympathies or condolences for the death of his people. 

Speaking from Saudi Arabia, he went into a long sad speech bemoaning the death of the mother of a head of state of a relatively insignificant African country.

Aware of the many deaths inside Iran and Ahmadi-Nejad's silence, that head of state retorted in disgust: "Have you ever even met my mother? Did you know her closely enough for your deep condolences while ignoring the catastrophe of your own people?"

3. Many senior Iraqi officials in the Shia Maleki administration have become  profiteer smugglers to bypass forbidden imports/exports restrictions and make fortunes by  supplying such goods to the Mullahs, who also share in the profits

4. Meanwhile Iranian Oil production has decreased by some 1,240,000 barrels a day. Partly because improperly maintained wells are collapsing and becoming unproductive. Estimates point to the possibility of Iran becoming a significantly NON-oil producing country in as soon as the next 20-years as upkeep of the oilfields deteriorates beyond repair. 

5. Iran has formed and trained a paramilitary strike force in Syria to help Bashir al-Assad retain power and help his slaughter of his population. This consists of Alawites (same "tribe" as al-Assad) and imported Iranians.


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