Sunday, August 12, 2012


WHI: (White House Insider)  Obama just sh*t himself.  They are picking diamonds out his ass about now.  Great choice.  Absolutely great choice.  

Critics said M.R. (Mitt Romney) was going to run from the fiscal conservatism message behind the Ryan Plan.  Not so.  He is embracing it.  That is undeniable proof M.R. gets it.  Country’s fiscal situation is in full on crisis.  Big boys know it.  

Remember when the Old Man warned about the munibonds going down and out?  That was months ago right?  Now it’s happening.  

There is so much happening behind the scenes on that stuff.  I get bits and pieces from the Old Man and a couple others on it but they are all saying the same thing  HOLD ON and be ready for disaster because if it comes it is going to hit very fast.  

Got a lot of real powerful people trying to avoid that disaster but the real players around Obama are purposely pushing us off that cliff.  I am absolutely 100% convinced now that everything they have done is on purpose.  

It’s not just incompetence, laziness, or stupidity.  They want American chopped the f-ck down.  Period.
Back to the Ryan pick.  I am loving it.  And don’t buy into all the BS about how the Romney campaign is having a bad week or how it needs to fight back against Obama.  These guys are playing this just about right.  Except for Saul.  That lady should go.  She is certainly done with speaking on behalf of the campaign.  But other than that little hiccup, the Romney team is hitting its stride.  

And now with Ryan on board, we got the Tea Party momentum at our sails also.  And that is a good thing because Romney needs the Tea Party.  Absolutely needs their enthusiasm, energy, support.  

The emotion behind that Tea Party stuff can sink Obama.  And they know that.
One more thing on that.  The Ryan pick just increased the race card roll out about 100% now.  That will be Obama’s play against the Tea Party.  Media is already preparing for that too.  Some of them.  Maybe it’s the Zimmerman situation.  They got that whole thing on standbye.  Maybe it’s something new we haven’t seen yet.  But the Ryan pick now pushes that scenario to the top of the agenda at this point so watch for it.  I’m praying it don’t get as bad as it could but my gut says it will.
And how you like that FnF news?  More to come.  There is some scandal scenarios circling this election big time.

UM:  You said, “WE got the Tea Party momentum at our sails”  Does that indicate your are working directly with the Romney campaign now?
(No response was given to that last question)


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