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Barack Hussein Obama Sr. supposedly came to Hawaii on an airlift because he was such a friend of Tom Mboya.

Kenyan labour leader Tom Mboya, an advocate for African nationalism who helped his country gain independence in 1963. In the late 1950s, Mboya was seeking support for a scholarship program that would send Kenyan students to US colleges - similar to other exchanges the US backed in developing nations during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Mboya appealed to the state department. When that trail went cold, he turned to then-senator Kennedy. Kennedy, who chaired the senate subcommittee on Africa, arranged a $100,000 grant through his family's foundation to help Mboya keep the program running.

Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was supposedly born to Stanley Ann Dunham in Hawaii after her premarital affair with Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

However Obama said in 1962 he had last been in Kenya "seven years ago"--1955

 No airlift. 

 Was he even in Hawaii?

There's no birth certificate in Hawaii because there was no birth in Hawaii.

(The alleged birth certificate has supposed laser printing which presents shadows--impossible with genuine laser printing which heat-bonds the ink to the paper, completely eliminating any possibility of shadows.)

When Stanley Ann Dunham showed up at a friend's house she had a baby she didn't know how to diaper.

This is because she was given the baby to care for and transport to Indonesia. She was a nanny,  nothing more.

Stanley Ann Dunham's record at Mercer High is a mess of photographic forgery and continually revised personal remembrances by friends who likely never knew her there.

The baby was born in either Seattle or Vancouver, as the mother has family in the area.

BUT! The mother is reportedly Valerie Sarruf, the daughter of a professor of American University of Beirut, according to a research project conducted by over twenty persons for a period of several years.

Valerie Sarruf

SEE MORPHING VIDEO at the end of this article and decide for yourself.

The father is Malcolm Little aka Malcolm X aka El Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz.

He visited the Middle East in 1959, including Beirut, and was in Seattle in 1960 setting up Nation of Islam Temple Number 67.

He met Sukarno who was very impressed by Malcolm; Malcolm would entrust his son to Sukarno's Indonesia for safekeeping and Muslim upbringing.



The FBI began surveillance of Malcolm in 1951. In 1957 it targeted him as the heir apparent to Elijah Muhammad of Nation of Islam.

The Bureau placed a "former FBI agent" (according to author Louis Lomax) John X Ali Simmons in the NOI (Nation of Islam) Chicago headquarters to foment opposition to Malcolm.

This John X would meet with the only convicted and confessed assassin the night before the fatal shooting in the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem February 24, 1965.

The marriage of Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a contrivance involving the connections of CPUSA (Communist Party USA) member Frank Marshall Davis.

Photo Anomalies

  1. The Black hand under Obama’s right armpit doesn’t match Ann Dunham’s right arm. The size and color is wrong for a white female, and the hand is positioned closer to camera than Ann’s arm. The hand appears to be a remnant from a Black male before it was air brushed.
  2. The chair on the far left next to Ann Dunham is brown, and smaller than the chairs on the right which are white. The horizontal support bar for the brown chair does not align with the white chairs’ support bar.
  3. Ann Dunham’s hair over both her right and left shoulders show signs of airbrushing.
  4. The lighting on Ann Dunham’s face is from the far left, and is not consistent with the others who are lit from above. This suggests Ann Dunham’s image was placed into this scene from a different photo.
  5. Above and below Obama’s right elbow, there is a ghosting effect where a glow emanates from the arm, suggesting a different underlying image such as a light-colored shirt behind Obama. Uneven pixilation is a sign of cloning.
  6. Ann looks to be about 25 years old, too young for this 1973 photo. Obama’s half sister Maya (born Aug 15, 1970) looks to be about 3 years old, so Obama is would be 12 and Ann should look 30 years old.

    The photos of this "family" are forgeries.

Indonesian President Sukarno

She moved the child to Indonesia where he was raised without her. Her passport record is sealed before 1965.

She was allegedly married to Lolo Sotero. There are several photographed men alleged to be this man.

Bernardine Dohrn, 1969

Badass founding member of the Weather Underground (qv), she blew up government office buildings at night and successfully evaded the FBI for an entire decade before turning herself in. 

There's this great footage in the movie of her denouncing the practice of nonviolence. 

Bernadine Dohrn gave him a wife in the manner of the Clinton arrangement.

Bill Ayers (then)

Bill Ayers (more current)
Bill Ayers cleaned up the mess of his myth with more smoke.

 Washington Post writer and Obama Biographer David Maraniss tried to help but only revealed the fragile and pathetic tissue of lies.

Witness the photo with "girlfriend" Genevieve Cook wherein Obama's head is 30% larger than life-size--he wasn't in the original photo because he doesn't have old girlfriends: he was seen as "flitting about appearing to be rich and gay".

Genevieve Cook was at Bank Street College when Ayers was there

No one really knows where this man has been, what he has been trained to do; everything in the record is a legend.

His prime adviser Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran.

His Arab Spring has removed secular regimes and replaced them with Islamist ones.

His attack on America tracks with the Communist dogma of Frank Marshall Davis.

Frank Marshal Davis

Obambi is an Islamo-Communist from Fakistan
An enemy within the gates.
Going to Pakistan, perhaps for smuggling, perhaps for introduction

As Jesse Jackson said Zionists will no longer be in the driver's seat. Strange twist to this aspect is that the supposed mother,  Stanley Ann Dunham was reputed to be JEWISH.

How cynical would a president be who knows the FBI and CIA and the rest of the national security state killed his father and was behind the anti-Sukarno coup and so on and so forth and scooby dooby do

Ayers said 25 million would be killed for resisting the revolution The revolution is being conducted from the inside.

Everything now points to the certainty that if Obama gets re-elected the destruction of America, without any future re-election constraints to water it down - is at the top of his agenda.


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