Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Claim: Obama hid ‘gay life’ to become president

Romney 'Outraged' Over Obama 'Sympathy' for Embassy Attackers

Former Univ. of Chicago law school dean: Obama was never offered tenure

Obama Announces Letterman Appearance on Day He Snubbed Netanyahu

Obama Admin Responds 2 Egyptians Attacking And Raising Al-Qaeda Flag Over Embassy..No Anti-American Sentiment!!!!!!

Obama Campaign Accuses Dinesh D’Souza Of Pushing “Conspiratorial Fear-Mongering” With Hit Documentary

Here's What You Need To Know About The Anti-Obama Documentary That Has Already Made $26 Million

FBI questions 16-year-old over Ron Paul video 'A+ project focused on American police state'

Obama's Treason: Celebrating his Kenyan birthright..."I am so proud to come back home!" 26 August 2006

Israeli Declares Obama BC Forged: White House Declines Israeli Prime Minister Meeting

DOJ Seeks To Dismiss FOIA Request For FBI Records About Obama's Loss Of Citizenship

Karl Rove Defends Obama's Eligibility And Identity Fraud: Silencing Conservative Media html#.UE-r1vedNdc.twitter

Here It Comes...unless there's a deal 2 stop adding debt faster than GDP advances Moody's will cut US credit rating

Ahead of election, House Republicans set for aggressive push against Obama

Media Smothers News of Romney's Commanding Lead With Independents

Thud: ABC/WaPo Poll Shows No Obama Bounce Among Likely Voters

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama...

Where Could Reporters Hear Stories About Barack Obama’s Gay Life in Chicago?

Rush: Heavily skewed CNN poll proves that Obama inevitability talk is manufactured

The 9/11 Files What the real 9/11 witnesses saw and heard

New York Post ad exposes Obama’s ‘real father’

Pataki to Newsmax: Bin Laden Killing a Credit to SEALs Not Obama

A grim message 4 the generals..'now gay soldiers..encouraged 2 march in uniform in gay-pride processions..ribbons or even one of the five-foot papier-mache penises so popular in SF parades..Sheridan..Pershing..Patton would not recognize their Army'

Figures. Chicago Teacher’s Union President Linked to Former Communist Party Chief and Barack Obama

Awful… Obama Makes Lying About Ohio Auto Jobs a Campaign Staple

Media Up to Old Tricks… New Skewed Poll Actually Show Mitt Romney Leading By Wide Margin

Thanks Barack… US Drops to 7th Place on Global Competitiveness Index Due to Historic Debt and Deficits

Experts: Israel could send Iran back to Stone Age,7340,L-4278765,00.html

Compilation of Docs...Barack Obama Draft Registration Back Dated and Forged

Israeli science website: Obama birth certificate forged

Trump: If Republicans 'don't get tough, they're not going to win this election'

Laura Ingraham to GOP: ‘If you can’t beat Barack Obama… shut down the party’

Worse Than Solyndra: Obama Admin Buying Maine Senate Seat with Crony Energy Loans

Despite Media Hype, No Bounce for Obama in Swing States S

Woodward: White House Got Caught Flatfooted, Senate Was A Doormat In Debt Ceiling Deal 
Normalization of Pedophilia Moves Forward Progressive, Democratic Depravity

Palin: Election Comes Down To ‘Free Stuff Or Freedom’ BINGO!

Lib Meltdown Alert: Allen West Says Obama Campaign’s “Forward” Slogan Based On “Soviet Union, Marxist-Socialist Theme”
Chicago Strike: Charter Schools Open, Union-Run Schools Closed

U.S. Department of Education: 79% of Chicago 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading |

Harvard Law School Dean Cited “Affirmative Action” In 1993 Elizabeth Warren Hiring

Romney Reiterates He Wants Roe V. Wade Overturned, Will Stop Obama Abortion Funding

GM Losing $49,000 On Each Chevy Volt It Sells…The official car of the Obama administration..

Sheriff Joe's Lead Investigator: John Boehner Not Allowing Congress Investigate Obama

More Tyranny From State Agencies to Protect Criminal Obama, WA threatens ballot challenger with sanctions
Only reason you need to vote out Obama.. re-election would 'result in fall of USA'

Obama Thugs Rough Up Gallup For Polls They Don’t Like

New Star Mia Love Has First Sit-Down With Chris Wallace Rock Star Material

Six Numbers

Critical bill for state legislatures 2013 session: constitutional militia

Obama's Treason: He Is A Communist!

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