Wednesday, September 05, 2012


DNC Video: "The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To":

Michelle Obama at DNC: “If any family in this country struggles then we cannot be content” …(That’s Why She Took 16 Vacations in 3 Years)

The Democrats' Anti-Woman, Anti-Gay Elephant in the Room..How can the Democrats be the party of women and gays when they embrace Islam?

Mooch On DNC Speech: “I’m Going To Take Folks Back To The Man That He Was Before He Was President” The Choom Gang stoner? The community organizer? The wild-eyed Marxist?

U.S. Debt Now $136,260 Per Household—Up 50% Under Obama

Sununu to Obama: ‘I’ doesn’t stand for ‘incomplete’, it stands for ‘incompetent

Democrats Remove All References To “God” From Party Platform

US Disowns Israel Over Iran Strike: No Weapons Or Military Backup

Mrs. Obama’s 2nd-Term Agenda: ‘Impact Nature of Food in Grocery Stores’

Barack Obama: The Invisible Man

Frank Marshall Davis and the Subversion of the Democratic Party..'A curious specter will be hovering over the Democratic convention this week. It is the ghost of Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party USA member 47544 and mentor to a young Barack Obama'

Allen West slams hypocrisy from the party that gave us the KKK, Jim Crow, segregation

Report: Bill Clinton’s “Closest Political Adviser” Voting For Romney

DNC Chairman Villaraigosa's Extremist Past

Mia Love On Obama: “I Think He’s Stripping Away the American Dream & the America As We Know It” (Video) Mia ROCKS!

Comic legend cheers Eastwood’s ‘frazzled’ schtick

Actor: Obama ‘a

Video: Democrat Santita Jackson On Obama's Records: Transparency Is A Legitimate Request

OBAMA'S TREASON: The crime that dwarfs Watergate. Obama's document record (Courtesy of CDR Kerc…

Why America’s Elitists reject the Founding commitment to constitutional self-government

The Great Lie of Racism

Obama Sells Out Israel!

Republicans Blast Democratic Platform for Dismissing Israel

Netanyahu and Obambi

The DNC Freak Show: The Weird, The Bizarre, The Unnatural

"The Five Best Pictures of Empty Chairs From The Eastwood-Inspire"

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