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News from the Foundation for Democracy in Iran.

Sept 14, 2012: The End of NIAC as we know it. A federal judge in Washington, DC has dismissed the long-standing NIAC lawsuit against Iranian-American activist Hassan Daioleslam, who has claimed in numerous news articles and opinion pieces that NIAC founder Trita Parsi acts as a “lobbyist” for the the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

You can download the judgment here [PDF]. Judge Bates also ruled [PDF] that NIAC was liable to pay Dai seventy percent of his expenses, which could amount to several million dollars

This will effectively bankrupt NIAC – unless, of course, his masters decide to foot the bill. Parsi has become the darling of the George Soros left. Since President Obama took office, he has been invited to the White House and to private dinners with Sec/State Hillary Clinton.

It may be no coincidence that, as Mark Langfan argues in this compelling analysis [URL], the Obama administration seems to have developed a tragic new concept of “red lines” when it comes to dealing with a nuclear-armed Iran: 

“Let's wait to attack Iran until Iran actually builds a nuclear bomb, and then we can't attack Iran because Iran has the nuclear bomb. “ Drawing on the unclassified annual “721 report” the CIA presents annually to Congress on the WMD capabilities of rogue states, Langfan argues that the overwhelming majority of Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium was produced since 2009, “so Obama can't blame Iran's U235 enrichment on Bush. The 721 reports prove Iranian enrichment happened on Obama's "watch."

In his opinion, Judge Bates cites email exchanges between Hassan Dai and FDI founder and CEO Kenneth R. Timmerman (NIAC tried unsuccessfully as part of its harassment campaign to compel Timmerman’s testimony in the case). 

Judge Bates noted on p 14 of his opinion that “Timmerman pushed [DAI] to muster more factual support for his allegations…In other words, Timmerman asked precisely the sorts of questions that an editor should, and defendant apparently responded to them appropriately.”

Timmerman commented: “I am pleased that I was able to assist Hassan Dai in firming up his important research into the lobbying activities of Trita Parsi and NIAC, which always seemed to correspond to the letter to the policy goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Kudos to you Ken!

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Kenneth R. Timmerman
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Foundation for Democracy in Iran
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