Saturday, October 13, 2012


Are you aware of what is happening to our country?

Did you notice in the VP debate how Biden's defensive, mocking gestures intensified when Iran and their nuclear activities came under discussion?

VP Biden has long ago been accorded the title of HONORARY AYATOLLAH by the Islamic regime of Iran and their operatives in the USA.

For decades he has blocked any bill or policy that was in the works and was against the best interests of the Islamic regime.

Did you ever wonder why he was chosen as the Obama running mate and VP?

One very pro-Islamic activist was added to Obama to carry out Islamic Jihad and work to install a global  caliphate through a NUCLEAR Islamic Iran and more recently adding, aiding and abetting the most extensive and deeply rooted terrorist organization - the Moslem Brotherhood, PARENT  of Al Qaeda and several other terror groups!

The only difference between Obama and Khomeini, other than outward clothing/presentation is Obama's mass riots and killing in streets has yet to begin although already in a final stage of preparation with a strong underpinning built into more than 100 Executive Orders and incredible slush funds and "legal" permissions hidden within the Obamacare "law".

He has prepared the groundwork for a Khomeini style Marxist Islamic revolution in America in case he cannot sneak his way back into the White House by corrupt deception.

Votes cast here (if elections are permitted) will be counted in Spain by Soros operated companies.

Voting machines with software from the Nancy Pelosi family can be easily tampered.

If all that fails, then he has martial law and the suspension of all civil and Constitutional rights where even Congress cannot interfere or override his orders for a minimum period of SIX months.

And he can arrest and hold anyone without charges, for indeterminate periods of time, contrary to the dictates of the Constitution, which he ignores and avoids and arrogantly evades, not even producing a single budget in the last three or four years AS HE IS LEGALLY OBLIGED TO DO EVERY YEAR indicative of his abuse of power.

Hard to believe? Then try this! RIGHT NOW,  he can arrest anyone in his vicinity  who opposes him in any visible way.

It is NOW a FELONY to demonstrate against him (even carry a sign disagreeing with his policies from way across the street) at any location where there are Secret Service Agents present. That also means that if Valerie Jarret is around, (she now has a Secret Service bodyguard contingent assigned to her), then you can be arrested for showing opposition to her!!

Ben Afflek's movie ARGO (should be called Agro) follows a longstanding leftist approach of Democrat presidents, who publicly praised the late-Shah of Iran while secretly undermining the monarchy based on highly fraudulent accusations from opposition groups in America and Europe.  Which fell on fertile leftist do-gooder "ears" that did not have the needed brain filters to sort the chaff from the wheat and the ability to allow reality to shine through the negatives they were fed.

Last time it was Jimmy the Idiot Carter, the godfather of all the terrorism troubles we have been facing now going into high gear with Obama-Hussein-Khomeini (O-H-K) with the whole world in their sights, not just one country called Iran, which under Khomeini's more overt than Obama's increasingly emerging Islamic bias and the intended global rule, hand in hand. with the Moslem Brotherhood.

Democrat leaders were always secretly against the Shah, whose efforts dragged Iran out of the 14th century into the  modern age but offended the clerics who wanted to keep it in the Dark Ages. And have proved this intent with their current Islamic Iran, showing exactly what that means.

Bringing about one of the most brutal, violent, lethal dictatorship in the world - all in the name of Islam. Events in Syria may sound worse but remember there  are some 20,000 Islamic Iran "Qods" special forces doing most of the killing in Syria.

Idiot Carter set the stage for Islamic  obsessed moron Obama-Hussein-Khomeini (O-H-K), whose narcissistic mindsets have set the world  on fire. Plus he has rivers of blood of Egyptians, Libyans, Iranians, Syrians, Tunisians, Yemenis and even many Americans flowing down his thin effeminate fingers.

A moron because he fails to realize or comprehend that all this blood letting for which he is responsible is horrible karma or more imminent Dharma and will come to roost on him just as his preacher Wright used to say in the "church" he attended. He has cursed himself and it's only a matter of time till this shows up in his life.

It's not human retribution he needs to fear but the spiritual forces he has unleashed on himself.

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