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Hard to defend against and relatively inexpensive to deploy and to replace.

It matters not if you are a republican or a democrat, if you are an American you must watch this.

The single most damning video against Barack Obama you will ever see. This video, made by the U.S. Navy Seals, will hopefully cost Obama his second term in office

It’s just incredible how effective this video is in convincing TRUE Americans that Obama is a clear and very serious traitor to this country. 

History will judge him negatively for his terrible treasonous acts. Just an incredibly powerful video!

Senior CIA, FBI, Military and many other U.S. Government intelligence officials describe for the viewer how Obama has compromised U.S. National secrets and the very serious consequence of those actions. 

And what’s worse, he did it all for personal political gain so he could win a second and undoubtedly disastrous term in office. 

Please view this and stop this traitor from spending one more single second as the President of this great country!


This documentary shown at the links below clearly explains what actually happened and exposes the Obama regime cover up, 
Part 2:

Benghazi, Libya—Biopsy From a Malignant, Failed Presidency: Leading From Behind: Dazed & Confused Barack Dragging USA Into Swirl of Chaos

Most Powerful AD EVER! Spread Far & Wide 4 Maximum Effect!

George W. Bush Never Evaded Responsibility..'The last two Democrats have evaded personal responsibility for their actions, and America is suffering bloody wounds as a result..

Obama learned from the Clintons that the bodyguard of media liars will protect a leftist president, even at the cost of their own reputations and market shares. 

Bill Clinton evaded the threat of Al Qaida and Osama Bin Laden after the Twin Towers bombing of 1993, allowing Bin Laden years to dig deep into the safe haven of Afghanistan and Pakistan, to plan and execute the attack of 9/11/01..

Democratic Presidents can therefore lie and lie, day after day, and the media will not hold them responsible. That is the simple key to the last two leftist presidencies. It is the single most important factor in the fast degradation of American culture, education, all the rest..The left has no shame

The airwaves will be regulated by the FCC. The web will be censored by some gaggle of ideologues eager to exercise censorship over other people's minds. Google can automatically scan the web for prohibited words, and Google is run by Friends of Barack. 

We want our presidents to accept responsibility. We do not want to be lied to every single day. Our freedom and our well-being depend upon it. Just remember that there are men and women of honor and character. You can tell who they are. They do not have to be perfect, but their character should be beyond question. Abe Lincoln had character. Harry Truman did. Let the facts speak for themselves about Hillary and Obama'

Benghazi: No Other Explanation Fits..'A Mideast “Fast and Furious” emerging within weeks of the election would be devastating. I believe that Obama coordinated the assault through his connections with local jihadists, and that Stevens was the primary target. 

Obama cleared the way for the assailants via his inaction and interference, intending to cloak their mission within those of “outraged protestors” in the region' Given the evidence, what other reason could there be?

Lt. Gen. McInerney on Benghazi: Whoever gave the "stand down" order is responsible for killing ambassador

Join America's Future with Romney/Ryan, America's COMEBACK Team! Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Fail

Military Officer With Inside Info Puts Blame On Obama 4 Denying Benghazi Rescue..Obama Guilty of Negligent Homicide'

Black Farmers Group Endorse Republican in Georgia Congressional Race Against CBC's Sanford Bishop

Priceless! Mocking The “First Time” Video

Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle & Sean Hannity Rip Obama 4 Not Releasing Records

Colorado “Democrat Of The Year” Convicted Of Stealing From Elderly Blind Woman With Cerebral Palsy Dems 

SO LOVE Other Peoples’ Money!
Obama Lied: WH Emails Show Admin Deeply Involved In Now Bankrupt Abound Solar Serial LIAR-in-Chief Does Nothing But LIE

Egyptian President Morsi Honors “Martyrs” Killed Fighting Jihad In Syria & Gaza.. 'thanks 2 Obama, he’s now one of our “allies”

Obamabots Key “Obama” Into Cars Outside Home With Romney Yard Signs Dems Make Up Their Own Rules ..Sound Familiar?

Al-Shabaab Stones Somali Woman To Death For Adultery..'7th century justice alive and well' 'Religion of Peace' Savagery

Thrifty Car Goes Birther: Places 'Vote For The American' Bumper Stickers On Rental Cars

Overview of the Muslim Brotherhood -- A Brotherhood of Lies and Deception

Gabe Zolna: Operation Fast and Furious on Steroids:

Gabe Zolna: Bill Clinton, Can You believe Him, I Can't:

Gabe Zolna: Leon Panetta-Clueless:

Gabe Zolna: Ten Symptoms Of A Psychopath: If The Shoe Fits...

Powerful! 13-year-old Jenny's Report Cards 2 Obama & Romney More Common Sense than 100% Dems & RINOs in Congress!

Conservative group reports McCaskill’s husband used Senate Dining Room for business deals Send CORRUPT CLAIRE Packing! Elect Honest Todd Akin!

In What Universe Could This Happen? Shocking Secrets & Verifiable Facts About Barack Obama MSM Refuses 2 Report

Send 2 Libs! 5 POWERFUL Reasons Former Obama Supporter 2 Vote 4 Romney! 1)-Life 2)-Marriage 3)-Israel 4)-Freedom 5)-America

Sign The Power of TEN Pledge ASAP

DREAMS FROM MY REAL FATHER RT social media sites, email Dems, Inds
Wild Bill For America Treasure Trove of Bare Bones Common Sense Patriotism

Beck Breaks Down Obama’s ‘Lying’ On Libya In Fiery Segment..US Govt Lying..Using Muslim Brotherhood 2 Arm Syria'

Frank Gaffney: Obama's Middle East Fast & Furious?

Father of Murdered Ex-SEAL Rips Obama for Libya Deception

Bizarre New Obama Campaign Ad Compares Voting For Barack To Having Sex For First Time Ad as Undignified as the Obamas!

8,803,335: Another New Record for Disability—Up 975 Per Day Under Obama

A Star Falls Over Chicago..'The Obama Campaign, that strange 4 year marriage of Generation X hipsters, inner city bosses, suburban college educated boomers longing for racial healing, 

Big Green businessmen and shady Saudis, appears to be finally sinking beneath the waves. It isn't going out in a blaze of glory, but with mumbles of trending topics..Americans escaped to Obama and now they're escaping from Obama. 

 The vacation was already being cut short in 2012 and now it's approaching its blackout date. Instead of taking Americans away from everything, Obama took everything away from them, and now they're gearing up to take it all back and put him on a back shelf next to last summer's beach reads and last decade's pop hits. Obama is over'

CBS Busts Obama--and Itself--in Benghazi Cover-Up

Obama Knew..'It's about a U.S. government that is at its highest levels in some fashion simpatico with a totalitarian ideology. That ideology is Sharia. And whether they wish to admit it or not -- these e-mails show exactly what Obama is loath to admit. Who killed Ambassador Chris Stevens? Sharia killed Ambassador Chris Stevens'

Glenn Beck: The President of the United States is telling callous, cold, and calculated lies

Barack Obama is a Liar..'..someone who lives and breathes the lie; someone who specializes in the art of artifice; someone to whom lying is his first recourse, not his last. Such a man is Barack Obama.  

In four years, Obama has gone from "change you can believe in" to a man you simply cannot believe. 

While hard-core partisans will remain in denial on our drunk-on-power president, good people, who generally have a desire to be polite, should realize that politeness becomes vice when it obscures truth. And if we don't wish to descend into dishonesty ourselves - the intellectual variety - we need to acknowledge that the truth about Barack Obama is that he simply cannot tell it.'

AG has voter fraud on radar in wake of video sting

Mark Levin: “Obama Is A Serial Liar And How!

White House Stoked Violence with Benghazi Blame Game 'Ya Think?

Jim Moran: The Democrat loved by Islamists..'Congressman's campaign caught in voter-fraud sting'

Planned Parenthood Has Spent $12Million To Help Reelect Barack Obama Taxpayer Money?

NBC’s Brian Williams Laments: Obama Crowds Only 10% Of What They Were In 2008

Obama Calls Mitt Romney A “Bullshitter” Serial LIAR-in-Chief Obama EXPOSES HIMSELF Once Again!

We are moving forward!!!!! The Bow Stops Here on Election Day Nov 6th!

Obama's Presidency: Four Good Years for Hamas 

Powerful! Jane Roe of ‘Roe v Wade’ Airs Anti-Obama Ad in FL..'I’m Norma McCorvey, the former Jane Roe of the Roe vs. Wade decision that brought ‘legal’ child killing to America. I was persuaded by feminist attorneys to lie; to say that I was raped, and needed an abortion. It was all a lie. “Since then, over 50 million babies have been murdered. I will take this burden to my grave. Please, don’t follow in my mistakes. DO NOT vote for Barack Obama. He murders babies'

Sweet: Obama Booed During Military Appreciation Day At Football Game

Fed Appeals Ct Upholds TXs’ Right 2 Defund PlannedParenthood-Gov Perry Orders Immed Halt 2 Pmts TX Sovereignty Reigns

Picture of Romney being a cold hearted capitalist

Gabe Zolna: Twilight Zone? Potential Treason Despite Malpractice & Cover-up by Most Media Outlets Suppressing Story & Timeline

Gabe Zolna: Donald Trump's Offer and Benghazi: Deceit, Deception, Distraction!

U.N. Human Rights Council Calls for Boycott of U.S. Companies Doesn't Even Pass the 'Straight-face' Test. More Obama cronies eager to destroy us.

Texas AG Warns “Irrelevant” UN Not To Interfere In State’s Elections WTG, Texas!

Women Know Mitt and Barack (We've Dated Them Both)..'They're the two prototypical guys nearly every one of us women has encountered in our romantic lives: the Boy Scout and the Bad Boy; Mr. Clean-Cut and Mr. Mystery'

Trump 2 Give $5M 2 Obama's Charity of Choice 4 RELEASE of College & Passport Rcds/Applics by 10-31-12

Trump: 'We Know Nothing About Our President' -except his FAILED POLICIES

‘Jane Roe’ of Roe v. Wade airs anti-Obama ad in Florida |

Weinstein's Bin Laden Film Cast Romney as Villain..'included a scene showing Gov. Mitt Romney "appearing to oppose the raid," a complete fabrication of history'

Shock: Obama Appoints Known Muslim Terrorist, Soros Board Member As Lead Benghazi Attack Investigators More Obama INSULTING hypocritical Islamic Lunacy EXPOSED!

Must See..Apoplectic Beck On Benghazi: 'Impeachable..Obama Lying in Spectacular Fashion..Staggering Evidence…Believes He Can Get Away with it..May Go 2 Prison' Congress Would Have 2 Give a Rat's Behind!

Obama’s Goal: An Entitled, Dependent Majority..'people who become addicted to government handouts will automatically vote for candidates who promise to feed their habit

No politician understands this Marxist rule of thumb and its corollary better than Barack Obama'

Obama: ‘Absolutely’ No Regrets For Ignoring Economy for First Two Years Epic, Shameful Shadow of a Leader!

Obama Caught Arming Al Qaeda, Reason 4 Libya Cover-Up Obama Admin Screws Up Again.. ENEMIES Abetted in F&F & Libya!

Former Obama National Security Adviser: No Progress in Middle East Under Obama How Could It Be Otherwise?

***UPDATED*** Must Watch: Glenn Beck explains how Obama used Ambassador Stevens to funnel arms to Libya and Syria

Benghazi cover-up: ‘This dwarfs Watergate’..'The regime is barely holding its campaign together'

Palin Hits Obama’s “Shuck And Jive” Response To Benghazi, Promptly Called A Racist You Go, Girl!

Benghazi cover-up: ‘This dwarfs Watergate’..'The regime is barely holding its campaign together'

Gabe Zolna: Dem States, controlled by Dem Governors Could a Single One Survive Without US Taxpayer Money (Borrowed From China)?

Former CIA chief: Romney’s Right on Iran...Obama's Wrong..

Awesome new RNC ad: Obama is making a big election about small things 

Powerful! Big Bird! Binders! Bayonets! Obama Bamboozles, Berates, Belittles, Baffles, Befuddles, Bewilders & Boondoggles Continuously with Deception, Distraction & Deceit!

Lies We Can Believe In?

Obama's Not Called Serial Liar-in-Chief For Nothing!

Obama Appoints Islamist-Sympathizer With Ties To CAIR To Investigate Benghazi Terror Attack Where's the Crack Pipe?

CIA Invites Islamist With Muslim Brotherhood Ties To Teach Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agents, Military… Smart or very stupid?

Mr. President, you’ve got Mail!:

From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement: Donald Trump 2 Give $5M 2 Obama's Charity of Choice 4 RELEASE of His College & Passport RECORDS by 10-31-12 @ 5:00PM EST

Obama Knew: Emails Show the Lies Heads Should Roll!

Exposed: Allred Met With Obama Before 'October Surprise' Of COURSE, She Did!

Democrat  Congressman Jim Moran’s Son Caught On Tape Conspiring To Commit Voter Fraud

Rush: Obama put politics over intervening in the Benghazi attack

Obama Booed During Military Appreciation Day At Clemson Football Game…

Obama’s “New” 18-Page Jobs Booklet Features Nine Giant Photos Of… Barack Obama Long on Narcissism, Short on Action?

Treason By Administration In Libya?

Voter Fraud! Guilford Co. Voters Say Ballot Cast For Romney Came Up Obama On Machine Is THIS How O Got Elected in 2008?

He KNEW! White House told of militant claim two hours after Libya attack: emails Serial Liar Obama Lying Again?

37 Facts About How Cruel This Economy Has Been To Millions Of Desperate American Families

Trials of Jim Matheson..Romney's surge, Mia Love put Utah Dem in tough spot FIRE Obama & 100% Dems & RINOs Nov 6th!

Artur Davis endorses Vernon Parker, Oct 23, 2012:

Obama Gave Himself Away Last Night.. 'tired and frustrated, Obama let the mask slip, and the true visage of our despotic narcissist was revealed..3 words showed America why B.H. Obama is so spectacularly unsuited to hold the office of the Presidency.."This nation, me"..(he considers himself to  be the actual  nation or above it !!!) 

Voters Decide on President by Body Language: Romney Won the Presidency Last Night..'Voters have been looking for a new alpha, a real one. After the three debates, they've found him. His name is Mitt Romney..Obama was the junk yard dog, trying to protect his turf by mean looks and threatening to bite..And so we were left for the last four years with a fake alpha. Obama has the easy virility of the charmer. Great on promises, but not trustworthy. Definitely not someone to go to the mat for you. He and Michelle have been having a ball in the White House while 23 million Americans are unemployed, their lives in tatters. He's having fun being lionized by Hollywood and going to Las Vegas fundraisers, while our Libyan ambassador is denied security, is given no military back up during the 6 hour firefight in Benghazi, and is dragged through the streets. Obama shows up for the funeral photo op. That is not an alpha male. The kids in college still think Obama's great, because they don't know the difference between cool and manhood. They want the free stuff and pretty dreams he peddles. Adults can smell something is off.’

Romnesia' Attack by Referencing Stage Three Cancer Junkyard Dog Obama Trashes Himself in the Process

Gabe Zolna: Benghazi!

Open Letter to Mitt Romney: I apologize for mocking and doubting you and I THANK YOU for running the campaign that will defeat Barack Obama and the Left

Petulant, Perturbed Obama Just Can’t Help Himself:

Obama's debate performance in four words: "Snarky, condescending, peevish and small." If undecided voters were eager to embrace whichever candidate could best exemplify smug self-congratulation, Obama won by a landslide.'

Report: Scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to White House

The Real Reason Obama Constantly LIES 'astonishing dishonesty..When does Obama lie? Every single time he speaks to the American people' Serial Liar Exposed

Fact Check: Romney RIGHT on all debate disputes Serial Liar Exposed

International Intrusion Into The U.S. Presidential Election:

Romney tags jihadists as enemy, marking shift from Obama, Bush

Obama Was A Coke DEALER In College…'Obama has already admitted to snorting coke'

Karl Rove on Obama’s Debate Performance: “He Looked Like Louis XIV Masquerading As President” (Video)

Crony Capitalism & Joe Biden’s Brother Dems Steal Borrowed Taxpayer Dollars 4 Themselves & Their Cronies

Democrats for Life Revokes Endorsement for Tim Kaine in Virginia

Major Obama-Backer Anna Wintour Pressuring Designers To Snub Ann Romney?…

Team Obama: We’ve Given Up On North Carolina Many MANY More States Follow!

Epic Chris Christie Rant: “What the Hell Is Obama Doing Asking for Another Four Years?” (Video)

Rasmussen Poll: Romney Jumps To 4-Point Lead Over Obama… Keep it Coming, America!

Dershowitz to Newsmax: Romney’s Right, Ahmadinejad Should Be Indicted

Report: Obama Backed By World Leaders With Anti-American Views World Dictators Love Wannabe Dictator-in-Waiting Obama

2004 Letter Shows Michelle Obama Defending The Killing Of Live Children

Obama admin threatened with subpoenas for details on Delphi pensions

Debate Triggers New Round Of Romney Assassination Threats Democrat Goodwill Not For One & All Americans?


Knowledge ROCKS! 13-year-old Jenny's Report Cards 2 Obama & Romney More Common Sense than 100% Dems & RINOs in Congress!

FACT CHECK: Romney RIGHT on all debate disputes Serial LIAR Obama LIES!

Our First 'Red Diaper Baby' President? 'All the pieces fit, so WHY do historians and biographers IGNORE the question?'

AL House Leader Moves 2 Block UN Poll ..In His State Every Other State Should Follow 2 Preserve State Sovereignty!

Is Obama beginning to crack? Forensic profiler Andrew Hodges: 'I know when a guilty person starts to break'

Gallup Poll: For Sixth Consecutive Day Romney Holding 6-Point Lead Over Obama Among Likely Voters…

NBC/WSJ Poll: 62% Want Obama 2 Make Major Changes 2His Agenda If He Is Reelected http://shc7dDq So Why Should ANYONE Elect Him?

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Calls Elizabeth Warren “Catastrophically Antibusiness”… Witch Warren Outed by US COC?

Academy That Produced Three Presidents Now Terrorist Breeding Ground

Allen West’s Tribute 2 Saving This Nation FIRE Obama & 100% Dems Nov 6th 2 Restore Sovereignty of the USA!

Mittmentum: New Ohio Polls Better Than They Appear..'Up by 19 points amongst Independents'

Obama Campaign Denies Willie Brown’s Claim of Obama-Wright Outreach Conference Call Serial LIAR-in-Chief Obama Lying Again?

WI Senate: Baldwin Takes $60K from Pro-Iran Group, Pleads Ignorance ELECT Tommy Thompson, NOT Tammy Baldwin!

War on women? McCaskill business sued for sexual harassment Can CORRUPT Claire..Elect TODD AKIN 4 Honesty!

Mitt Refuses To Lose..Reborn Mitt Romney WILL BE Our Next President

Arms Flow to Syria May Be Behind Benghazi Cover-Up

Democrat Phil Berg: Obama's Forged Long-Form Birth Certificate; Obama Belongs In Jail |

Will Obama Play Hide the Al-Qaeda Flag at Monday’s Debate? You BETCHA!

Compassion and fiscal responsibility require we end all federal welfare programs

Benghazi: Obama & His Ilk Hung Chris Stevens & Others Out 2 Dry..'blood dripping from O’s golf-gloved campaign hands'

Chavez, Castro, Putin: Four more years! World

Dictators Endorse the Dictator-in-Chief Wannabe of the USA
White House Visitor Logs Shows Obama Officials Have Held Series Of Meetings With US Islamist Groups

Time’s Joe Klein: Murder Of 4 Americans In Benghazi “Isn’t Really An Issue”… More Obama Supporters Chime In
..Benghazi Terror Attack: Death of 4 Americans “Peripheral 2 What’s 

Going On Right Now Yet Another Obama Supporter Chimes In

Donald Trump to FOX Host: Obama Had “About as Much to do With Getting Bin Laden As You Did” (Video)

Minnesota Teachers Take Two Days to Play With Dolls and Study Islam

SCOOP: Walt Disney World is already working on a Mitt Romney figure for its Hall of Presidents in anticipation of his winning the election

Why Self-Defense Is A Right That Belongs To All

Afghan “Woman Of Courage” Hailed By Michelle Obama For Defending Women’s Rights Has Jailed 100 Wives For “Adultery" Religion of Peace Strikes Again?

Taxpayer Loss On Solyndra Could Be As High As 9 Million Green Graft..Crony Capitalist Obama Donors..Green HOAX?

Mama Moonbat Cindy Sheehan Declares Obama Just As Bad As Bush…


Gabe Zolna: What Did He Say? Dick Durban's Propaganda Folly 2 Give Obama Cover

Gabe Zolna: Last Debate!
Gabe Zolna: The Propaganda Minister-David Axelrod

Wal-Mart boss Sam Walton funding Obama

Pentagon Declines To Classify Ft. Hood Shootings As A Terrorist Attack…

Billy Graham Takes Full-Page Ad in Ohio Newspaper to Back Mitt Romney

Libya and Lies ..Remember Obama’s pledges? He’s kept none of 

Obama Was Wrong, Romney Did Say Government Should Provide Guarantees For Carmakers Post-Bankruptcy Financing…

Retired Generals Supporting Romney
Libya and Lies ..

Remember Obama’s pledges? He’s kept none of them.

Obama’s Welfare Sinkhole: Money For Nothing and Your Checks for Free Free Stuff from Dems 4 Votes @ Taxpayer Expense!

Obama Says American Deaths ‘Not Optimal’ as He Funnels Weapons to Jihadists, Cuts Deal With Iran:

The Struggle for Obama is Really a Religious Battle Over the Soul of the Republic:

In The Phony “War On Women”, Both Scripture And Science Are Ignored

Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?

DeMint: Time for conservatives to rally behind Akin CAN CORRUPT Claire McCaskill..ELECT Honest Todd Akin!

UNPRECEDENTED: U.N. To Monitor U.S. Election 4 GOP 'Voter Suppression' ..@Polling Places Around Country

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