Friday, October 05, 2012


ShariAmerica: Islam, Obama, and the Establishment Clause: Our Govt Has Replaced the Establishment Clause with Sharia..Allowing Taliban to Revise Our Bill of Rights… OFFICIAL Position of U.S. Govt

Voices Without A Vote: IF We Could Vote We Would RESTORE CONSTITUTIONAL AMERICA!

The Romney Reboot Arrives

Coulter: After debate, Michelle Obama ‘wanted to go home with Mitt’ [VIDEO]

Islam in a Nutshell

BOOM goes Sununu! “The Obama you saw last night is the same Obama that’s been in the WH for 4 years

Obama Unmasked No Teleprompter, No Media, No Hope, No Leadership, No Clarity, No Honesty..

Full Length Documentary Movie: 2016 Obama's America

The Empty Chair Showed Up..'what happens when you don't have the mainstream media to run cover for you' MEDIA Looked as BAD as Obama

Broken Barack..'When you spend 4 years with a compliant media, you never need to be well versed on policy and detail, and Obama assumed it would be the same last night..Romney gave the country a 5-point plan for his first term. 

Obama? He gave the nation the famous Barack sneer and a whine about still having 5 seconds left on the clock.. seems your time has run out'

Voter ID and the Bigotry of Low Expectations..' lib propaganda machine churning...issue of voting integrity'

The Obama Myth Will Not Survive the Debates..'That shock is due to the massive gap between perception and reality that has been created and maintained by the liberal media for decades, but more so than ever in the last four years as they've defended this abysmal presidency'

1. Romney succeeded in drawing a stark contrast between himself and Obama and offered voters a real choice that did not present Obama in a good light

2. Even the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue, for short) that is the corrupt, vintage media had to admit that Obama’s performance was a disaster.

3. Michelle Obama (dressed up like Grimace from McDonaldLand) stormed the stage when the debate was done and angrily dragged her husband offstage as quickly as possible, upset with his poor performance

4. Obama’s hands were skeletal, his face was twitching, his eyes had deep dark circles around them, and he generally looked like death walking

5. Without a TelePrompTer for a crutch (that he has depended on for four years) Obama could barely string two sentences together without rambling, looking out into the crowd lost, and seeming disoriented.

6. Mitt Romney had one of the best and most destructive lines I have ever heard in a debate: when he compared Obama talking to things his five sons would say when they were small children and tried to get him to believe their lies.

7. Moderator Jim Lehrer did a piss-poor job, clearly favored Obama, and yet Obama was STILL trounced

8. Obama smirked a lot, behaved like a bratty child at times, and when he wasn’t speaking stared down at the floor like he was thinking “What the heck am I even doing here?”.

9. Obama was rumpled and sloppy and looked like he slept in a halfway house last night.

10. Obama was injected with amphetamines or something before the debate and they wore off about 20 minutes in

Obama Exposed, Defending the Indefensible lies, Romney clear, concise, common sense, truth, facts!

Obama’s Face Said It All..The SMIRK

‘The Proof of That’..RNC’s New Video Highlighting Obama’s Debate Performance: “Smirk” (Video)

Obamanomics: U.S. Factory Orders Plunge, Biggest Drop In Three Years

We Have Been Duped: 
'It is clear that people are lying. It is clear they are lying to protect a fraudulent story. 

It is clear that the official Obama nativity story is bunkum. Those who have orchestrated this cover-up should be ashamed of themselves for trying to fool us..We should be ashamed of ourselves if we allow them to do it'

Devastating RNC ad from the first debate features Romney laying out why Obama isn’t working

Obama appoints Vicious Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas Muslim Leader as US Delegate to Warsaw Human Rights Conference..'It is not difficult to see what a horror a second Obama presidency will look like. Obama is consistent in his foreign policy -- anti-freedom, pro-jihad. Four years into his presidency, the world is radically transformed, and soon will be unrecognizable'

Obama 2 Coal Miners:McDonalds' Hiring!” 'OH, VA, WVA, KY Coal Miners About to Vote Themselves Out of a Job'

Mitt Humiliates The Media and Now They Will Seek Revenge The Media is SHAMEFUL

Stay of certification 2012 votes 4 Obama pending resolution of issue of his use of stolen CT SSN ID submitted 2 SCOTUS

Obama Doesn’t Care About Hispanics, Just Their Votes: Or Anyone Other Than Himself

George Zimmerman Files Massive Suit Against NBC May He Win MegaBucks in Suit Against Corrupt Media

Obama Admin Sues Arizona For Defunding Planned Parenthood…

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