Sunday, October 07, 2012


It Was Never About Obama in the First Place-Why Barack is Merely Puppet o’ Hope: Obama’s Trinity: Liberation Theology, Islam & Socialism

Ice T to Obama: 'No Weed Before Next Debate, Homie!'

The Continuing Saga of Obama’s Corruption: Chicago corruption in the heart of D.C

The CEO Versus the Amateur: Like Taking Candy From a Baby!

Another Lying Unemployment Report We're actually at Depression levels

Did Obama’s Backers Buy or Threaten Silence of Republican Senator Tom Coburn?

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Yr Secret..ISLAM Has DESTROYED Classical Civilization

Obama’s Jizya..'Jizya is the tax imposed on non-Muslims in countries run by Muslims. It is a tax based on the individual's faith.  It is designed to oppress and embarrass non-Muslims and to convince them to convert to Islam.  Americans need to understand that the HHS mandate is a tax based on peoples faith and that it is specifically designed to force Christians in America to either give up their businesses or deny their faith.  If Americans allow this precedent to stand; if we jettison the religious liberty of Americans our country will turn its back on all that the Founding Fathers stood for.  For if the government has the right to impose a single set of beliefs on all Americans then the government no longer works for the people.  Instead the people work for the government'

PRICELESS! “The Choice Is Clear” Billboard Stops Traffic in Michigan

Buyer’s Remorse...Obama 2008

Vote Conservative.  Our Children Deserve Better.

Every Reason for Optimism and Fried Green Tomatoes

Jack Welch Doubles Down On Allegation September Jobs Report Was Falsified: ‘I Wasn’t Kidding’

Jack Welch: ‘Chicago guys will do anything,’ including cook unemployment rate

Powerful! JACK WELCH IS NOT ALONE: Here Are 12 Claims That Challenge What We Accept As Truth

Snoop Dogg's 10 Reasons 2 Not Vote 4 Mitt Romney Trash Culture Reflects Obama's tactics...Race, Class & Gender Warfare

"Obama's Poor Debate: The Affirmative Action President Exposed"

Criminal Allegations Naming Barack Hussein Obama In Commission Of Treason: Fast And Furious!

Bill Maher Rips Obama’s Debate Performance: “Looked Like He Took My Million And Spent It All On Weed”…

Meet the Obama Donors at the BLS

What Americans Must Know #1

What Americans Must Know #2

What Americans Must Know #3

What Americans Must Know #4

What Americans Must Know Series #5 Will Executive Order Be Issued For "Friendly Fire" Incident on AZ Border?

What Americans Must Know Series #6 Was Bill Ayers' Father Tom Ayers Instrumental in Advancing Obama 2Power?

What Americans Must Know Series #7 Elected Officials

What Americans Must Know Series #8 General Motors

CBO Confirms Fourth Consecutive Year of Trillion-Dollar Deficits Under Obama

Another Obama Tape Surfaces

Home Depot Founder:  “We Can Do Much Better Than Barack Obama” Founder 'Frightened 2 Death of America's Future Under Obama!'

Video: Next Gen pleads, save our country!

The Ideology of the Greedy Yet Indolent..Marx’s slogan needs an update..'From each according to their productiveness, to each according to their shamelessness'

Leftism, the Religion - Class, Race, Gender

GOP Sens. McCain and Graham tell contractors to issue layoff notices

Obama’s EPA tyrants to be exposed? “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.”

News Busters: The Empty Chair at the 1st Debate

Check out the next “New Yorker” cover

Wisdom of Ben Stein > []

"ISLAM 101 Not Compatible With Our Pluralistic Democracy”

Sign at Intersection of M40 and Blue Star near Saugatuck , MI

First Presidential Debate 2012: Top 10 True/False Quiz: 

Why Obama Will Lose

ObamaCare Summed Up in One Sentence:

Allen West On Unemployment Rate Miraculously Dropping 1 Month B4 Election: “Representative Of Saul Alinsky Tactics”

Unemployment Rate Miraculously Drops To 7.8%, 114K Jobs Added...Real Unemployment Rate Unchanged At 14.7%

A Must Watch! "THE UNVETTED"   'All Tyranny Needs 2 Gain A Foothold Is 4 People of Good Conscience 2 Remain Silent' Thomas Jefferson r

Dreams from My Real Father:  A Story of Reds and Deception:

JACK WELCH: Obama Is Manipulating The Jobs Numbers Because His Debate Performance Was Awful via

Jesse Jackson, Wright ‘arranged’ Obama marriage

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