Sunday, June 15, 2008


Another comment from outside AntiMullah The COPY on daily kos, it's a laser printed copy that Obama requested. I want to see the original. He's older than me and mine is hand typed with a typewriter on notarized paper not some laser printed junk that is easily photoshopped. Alan Note: in Iran Obama has widespread support and popularity for his desire to talk with the Mullahs without pre-conditions. the Islamic Iranians pronounce his name as "oo - baa - maa" which in Farsi means "he is with us". "o" means "he (or she)" - "baa" means "with" and "maa" means "us" No wonder the Mullahs have put out the word to all their agents and the mass media they "control" or can influence to support Obama and are apparently spending enromous amounts to try to achieve this end. For instance, the top echelon Mullahs (with Rafsanjani prominently involved) own many luxury hotels and high rise buildings in Dubei and are feeding long and high price advertising about Dubei to Persian language TV and mass media to "remunerate" and influence their support both financially and and an undertow of political activity.

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