Sunday, June 22, 2008



Certificate provided by Obama or his supporters

BO_Birth_Certificate2 and a real Hawaii Certificate below: doc_decosta_pat_birth Received confirmation from the Hawaii State Department of Health (HSDH) that:

1. Certified copies of birth certificates are NEVER sent electronically. Copies can be requested by qualified individuals in person, by mail, or on line; and the Vital Records (VR) office will MAIL the Certification of Live Birth within 4 to 6 weeks.

2. Certifications of Live Birth will ALWAYS include an embossed seal.

3. The Vital Records office will NEVER black out the certification number.

Thanks to our sharp readers, I’ve come up with a pretty interesting list of observations and questions so far. So, let’s review.


1. Both documents reference the same form, indicated in the lower left corner: “OHSM 1.1 (Rev. 11/01) LASER,” likely meaning that this form was revised in Nov. 2001 for use with laser printers, AND therefore that both of these certifications theoretically would have been produced by the VR office in Nov. 2001 or later.

2. In the lower left section, Decosta’s document says “Date Accepted By State Registrar” and Obama’s says “Date Filed By Registrar.” If they were both produced on the same form, why is the language different?

3. Decosta’s “Certificate No.” in the upper right region is shown; Obama’s is blacked out with a clean-edged block. When was this done, by whom, and why would a birth certificate number be a secret? Again, this is never done by the HSDH.

4. Decosta’s shows an embossed seal in the lower center region; Obama’s has no embossed seal. Again, HSDH says certifications never leave the office without one.

5. Decosta’s shows a stamp with signature in the lower left region; Obama’s does not. Again, standard procedure?

6. Obama’s “father’s race” is shown as “African,” which many readers find odd given that it’s not descriptive for race.

What was the term used on birth certificates in Hawaii in 1961 for an African American?

7. Both documents appear to show in the lower center region a faint date, such as the kind produced by a standard ink-pad stamp purchased in any office supply store. I cannot make out the dates. Maybe this is supposed to be the date that the certification was approved, or mailed?

When does Obama claim that he “received” this document?”

8. The font on Decosta’s is much bolder than that on Obama’s.

9. Decosta’s reveals fold marks, which you’d expect from a mailed document; Obama’s shows no signs of being handled at all, as if it was never printed (and if that’s the case, how was the certificate number blacked out?).

In addition, Polarik (MUST VIEW EXPERT COMMENTS AT THIS LINK) finds all kinds of problems in the microscopic details, as have other readers with expertise in the fields of printing, graphics, etc.

Then click below to read more about this: Part Two



Sara Coslett said...

Also, the black border around the perimeter of Patricia DeCosta's certificate is different from Obama's.

His looks like a scanned document that may have been altered.

Miss Debi Bean said...

Wow, it is fascinating that the "real" birth certificate from the "State of Hawaii" is for someone who was born in 1930, since Hawaii did not become a state until August 21, 1959. Nice try

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Paul said...

Funny, funny stuff!! You've attempted to suggest problems with Obama's birth certificate (which, given the mountains of proof, is only engaged in by imbeciles like yourself). But in the process, you showed a fraud (the 30s birth certificate) and only ended up pwning yourself!!

Comedy gold!!! Thank you.

Renegade Iconoclast said...

Obama's BC does have a seal, and it looks exactly like the "real" one you posted. You can see it here.

Also, you're dumb.

JD said...

So some people thought the term "African" used to describe the race of Obama's father odd?

Doesn't anyone else find it odd that on the so called real certificate the father's race is "White" and the mother's race is "Caucasian Hawaiian"? S"houldn't either the father be listed at "Caucasian" or the mother as "White Hawaiian" for consistency?