Saturday, July 26, 2008


ShahbanooAtShahTomb Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Farah grieves for His Imperial Majesty, Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Shahanshah Aryamehr at his tomb in Egypt on the July 25th anniversary of his death. Not only are the mighty so sadly fallen but how they are missed by so many of us who grieve his passing which threw well over three million Persians into exile in other lands. And descended tens of millions more into the HELL of Mullah oppression, suppression, TORTURE and harsh death in Islamic prisons, inside their own borders. And caused the deaths of a million more they sent at Iraqi forces to die as cannon fodder with plastic keys to Paradise hanging around their necks. And the tens of thousands of teenage and preteen children, many with wooden, toy guns they sent charging to die to clear Iraqi mine fields, wiping out more than a big slice of a generation of future Persians.

The average age in Iran is now around 25-years old. Speaks for itself. And burial grounds have filled and been expanded into small cities - beyond recognition as cemeteries.

The same Mullahs who are now risking the raining of death and destruction on the suffering populace by refusing to stop manufacturing nuclear weapons and inviting a desperate effort to prevent them from destroying large parts of the world once they attain a sufficient number of nuclear bombs. ShahbanooAtShahTomb

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Anonymous said...

This is the evil of Islam.
Where there are civility and peace, Islam brings thuggery and strife.
Where there is amity, Islam brings bigotry.
Where people have built something to be proud of and to bequeath to their descendants; Islam brings destruction and claims the accomplishments of its victims as its own.
Islam is perhaps the single most destructive force in history.

Shahan'Shah's mistake was to think that Iran's greatest enemy was communism; communism was and is an evil, but Islam was and is Iran's greatest enemy.

D@mn the pseudo-religion of the Arab savages and everyone who follows it and everyone who apologizes for it.