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FIRST A LOOK AT ISLAMIC IRAN'S LATEST EFFORTS TO WIPE OUT DISSENT - TWENTY NINE EXECUTED IN ONE DAY CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO IF THE EMBED BELOW DOES NOT LOAD Two brothers, named Alai, both doctors in Islamic Iran, specializing for over the past decade in AIDS and HIV treatment and control, have both been arrested and are being held incommunicado. Reports from Islamic Iran indicate the arrests stem initially from a disclosure by the two doctors of the huge, disproportionae rate of AIDS in the holy city of Ghom, south of Tehran, specially among the students at schools for those aspiring to join the ranks of the clergy. In addition, reports say that ayatollahs and other senior Mullahs and regime officials apparently number among those who have contracted AIDS from the pool of infected students in Ghom and elsewhere throughout the Islamic nation. With the daily proximity and sharing of quarters by the Islamic noviate students, the obstacles the Islamic sharia laws and the Iranian culture present to a heterosexual relationship, despite denials by President Ahmadi-Nejad that there are no gays in Iran, gay sex is the most easy to practice for a major portion of the populace, whose average age is around 25-years. Young enough to have strong sexual drives but without the money required to marry or buy sexual favors, though these favors abound for sale in Islamic Iran. Same sex relationships flourish broadly as the only viable alternative.

In Islamic circles where it is a common, accepted practise, pederasty or sodomy is NOT considered a "gay" act.

However if two men perform oral sex on each other, THAT is being gay. Go figure!

Societal structure and conditions lead to incredibly greater infection by AIDS in the Islamic Iran population (similar to some African nations) because one third of Islamic Iran's population is drug addicted and shares needles. A far higher statistic than the government wants to admit and is (as usual) suppressing the information and the reliable source the two medical brothers provided in their expert and experienced capacity. Remember, one third of 70 million residents in Islamic Iran means OVER 20 MILLION addicted people, who for whatever reasons are vulnerable to contracting and transmitting AIDS and other infectious diseases. Islamic Iran has the highest proportion of Heroin addicts to population of any country in the world. Remember, that for the most part these are unsophisticated, mentally restricted by religion and medically ignorant citizens, whose education has been curtailed or stunted since the fall of the Shah by religious definition of what is permitted as curriculum. Remember, that in Islamic Iran, education for women has been restricted and edicts have been passed to prevent more than 10% admittance of females to universities. Remember, that discussing health and personal hygiene facts offend and embarrass the sensitivities of almost every member of the population except a very narrow minority layer of the populace, including among those who live in major cities, have traveled or studied abroad and have a questing mind. The kind of information available from Mass Media sources, as a given to us in the West, is beyond their reach. The Islamic regime tries to eradicate challenges by stamping them out, inflicting penalty of death by execution instead of education as their tool. The education needed would conflict with the Dark Age mores and customs they insist must be followed by Iranians trapped in a time warp, which excludes them from the modern world in which we all live and is forbidden to them. Remember, there are over 500,000 street children and a further 100,000 homeless women in Tehran streets, who are vulerable to being forced into having sex for pay or by force, widening the epidemic potential of all this unprotected sex. And who readily turn to solace in drugs, which the Mullahs are happy to provide as the biggest drug dealers in the land. Thus further incrasing the infection rate potential. The regime bigwigs also encourage addiction to keep as many as possible in a stupor, desperately trying to find a way to pay for the drugs and simultaneously trying to feed themselves and their families – thus too preoccupied with daily survival to rise up against them. Shades of the opium the British introduced into China for similar reasons. And China’s strategy some decades ago of dumping huge amounts of black tar Heroin into the USA at ridiculously low prices to addict our youth and weaken us for generations to come. Remember, that the Persian culture, which hampers normal male and female relations, shames and shuns anyone who has contracted a sexual disease far more than in the West. With the difference that in Islamic Iran, those with AIDS would be fearful of being EXECUTED, when interrogated under torture of how they contracted the illness, not just embarrassed. Remember, that almost like Lemmings, the disillusioned, hopeless populace is reaching a point of no longer caring. Not about contracting the disease, less so of passing it on and so discouraged that they wonder whether being alive at all is worth it. Three government workers killed themselves last week out of despair. Without their unpaid wages, they were unable to feed their families. Nio food stamps nor social safety net in Islamic Iran to help them. This is a tip of the iceberg. Suicides have increased dramatically among the youth, specially females, as people lose all hope of even a minimal existence, let alone a half-way decent life and future. They question whether to strive and struggle in the face of skyrocketing prices for basic food and staples such as bread, potatoes, eggs or tomatoes is worth it, when trying to feed your family has become an increasingly receding possibility or achievable target. Remember, that a good wage in Islamic Iran is $30 per month. And $300 is in a high level position’s pay scale. Any wonder there is such intense corruption, even in a naurally corrupt Mullah environment? For those of us in the USA, dealing with our high gas prices, recognize how the fuel prices in Iran (proportionally to incomes) are exponentially higher per capita than ours and have been rationed, so you cannot buy enough fuel to pursue your basic needs. An already severe shortage, forbids those with luxury cars from buying fuel at subsidized but rationed prices, There has been a rush to hoard fuel and the running comment in Isalmic Iran is that with everyone storing maximum amounts of fuel in containers at their homes, any accidental fire will turn a neighborhood or the whole city into one big fireball. Gasoline and diesel fuel prices have quadrupled in Islamic Iran during the past weeks, which can only refine about half of its needs and imports the rest. Remember, that the cost of putting a roof over your head has risen to near impossible to attain levels (making marriage too costly) and Islamic co-habitation sharia laws prevent having room-mates of a different sex or even easily lodging non-related couples together. (Also adding to men (not women) sharing and finding male sex partners). Since most women cannot find jobs, thus rent a place together - apart from the ensuing vulnerability to harrassment by the Morals police - the difficulties the populace face are also multiplied by factors of hundreds when faced by women. Which creates yet another influence in the current raging, blacked out, epidemic of AIDS in Islamic Iran. Prostituion and temporary marriages. The latter being a formula for “legalized prostitution” as such marriages can be for as short as a few minutes or a half hour or whatever becomes the convenient time frame in which to have “close contact” and sex in conformity with sharia laws. Unable to earn a living, women from all classes of society in Iran have turned to “turning tricks” to supplement household income. Whether living with their parents (who would be horrified unless desperate enough to close their eyes as is frequently the case these days) or married and probably explaining extra money as coming from her parents or a “rich relative”, who feels sorry for the couple and wants to help out. Then remember, that women who get arrested for anything, nearly invariably end up being raped while in custody. Both by the guards and the Mullah judges, many of whom are infected with AIDS and have no compunction in passing it on to their victims- who “deserve to be punished this way by Allah”, since one of them probably infected them in the first place during a rape. The Mullahs thus face more than one crisis right now, not only the threat of sanctions that loom above them as soon as in one week. While they have managed to hide – so far – the extent of the AIDS problem inside Islamic Iran, in the recent nuclear negotiations with Al Baradei, the Mullah representative Gholamreza Aghazadeh inadvertently admitted by inference and on record that Iran is behind the problems in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Gaza. He stated that if the IAEA would reopen negotiations with Islamic Iran then (paraphrased) he would reassure the IAEA the Mullahs would take care of and resolve the problems the West is facing within Iraq, in Afghanistan, with Hamas and Hezbollah - and bring down oil prices! He apparently tried to indicate that William Burns’ presence at the EU negotiations was a sign of the thaw in the formely icy relations between the USA and Islamic Iran – as was the USA request to open an American Interests representative office in Tehran. Burns was in effect fed up with the EU feeding the USA massaged information to prolong talks with the Mullahs without confontation and wanted to hear what was said first hand and for himself. Clearly, from various State Dept. comments afterward, what he actually heard did not match what Solana and the EU had been passing on to the USA. One week has passed and there appears to be a consensus among pundits that Iran will not agree to stop enriching uranium by the deadline in one week. Nor will whatever reply they bring to the table serve as a nuptial between the Mullahs and the USA leading to a 9-month pregnancy period for more talks. Meanwhile Russia has denied that the new Mullah purchase of further ground to air missiles from Russia, will be delivered by the end of this year as Israel fears. Notably, the same kind of missile system that was purchased with Tehran money from the Russians for Syria, failed to respond as did the early warning alarms attached to the system, when Israel bombed a Korean nuclear plant being established in Syria. The uncertainty of whether the same Russian missiles will work for Islamic Iran in the event of an Israeli iar strike, now possibly out of a short five minute flight from Haditha in Iraq has the Mullahs more han worried. With food, gasoline and money shortages hitting the Iranian populace with hunger, inability to commute as needed to earn money and buy food for their families and a rise in suicides from misery, the Mullah regime finds itself increasingly asked by the people what it is doing and has done with the enormous revenues from oil sales. All the Iranian people see today is an infliction of poverty, oppression, corruption and critical discomfort in their lives. Sad commentary but it might end up being actual hunger for food that overcomes their fears and drives them into the streets in revolt against the Mullah regime. In some way similar to the recent bread riots in Eqypt. Severe sanctions in the works by the West, include: banning of all flights to and from Iran, banning oil purchase from Iran, banning sales of gasoline or diesel fuels to the Mullahs, freezing all bank transactions to/from Iran, banning all ports from accepting ships to/from Iran, including oil tankers and an embargo on all Iranian exports. While China, with a $300 BILLION oil and gas contract in hand with the Islamic regime may scuttle the effectiveness of some of this, Russia may decide to abide by it when there is so much unity of purpose by the West and avoid the risk of having (mutually counter-productive) EU and American embargoes being aimed at them. China has huge trade and financial ties with the USA and holds a very strong hand in financially destroying the American economy if push comes to shove. And an off-the-wall possibility of sending hordes of military into Iran to “maintain the stability of the region and protect Chinese interests”. Russia has little enough trade with the USA and also less damaging power but can hurt the EU by stopping fossil fuel exports in that direction. Regardless of these peripheral implications, Islamic Iran cannot overcome the sanctions and survive solely on Chinese and Russian support. Nor in most military estimates, has the ability to prevent oil passage through the Persian Gulf for very long, before response by the West wipes out any such capability and perhaps invades the Khuzestan oil region, declaring it a protectorate for the benefit of mankind or global security. Plus efforts to impede oil flow would be an act of war and permit Israel and Western allies to bomb Iran nuclear facilities and perhaps turn it into a glass surfaced parking lot. The near future will divulge the reality what is about to happen, none of it wil be without pain for the West but far less than if we allow Iran to have nuclear weapons to leverage their power and stategies. DIRECT 29 EXECUTED VIDEO LINK - CLICK HERE


Christopher Logan said...

Societal structure and conditions lead to incredibly greater infection by AIDS in the Islamic Iran population (similar to some African nations) because one third of Islamic Iran's population is drug addicted and shares needles.

That is sad, as Islam is slowly destroying a once proud society. Islam destroys everything in its path.

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