Tuesday, July 15, 2008


OK, it’s time to let the genie out of the bottle., and prove, once and for all time, that the images posted on the Internet are NOT true, original copies of Obama’s birth certificate (rather “Certification of Live Birth”, or COLB), that they NEVER WERE true, original copies, and if anyone tells you anything different, that they are flat-out wrong. Period. Exclamation point. I direct your attention back to my main thesis – and what I said in my first post, “Was Obama's "Certificate of Birth" manufactured?” I theorized that the fuzzy outline found in between the letters of the data fields on the Kos image is a dead giveaway that these letters were made by a graphics program. All one needs to do to prove that Kos image was altered, is to view the space between the double “s” in Obama’s (alleged) middle name, “HUSSEIN,” under increased magnification, such as making the image 300% or larger. VIEW IMAGES AND FULL STORY AT:
The OBAMA timeline doesn’t work. His mother married, divorced, got pregnant and had BO then remarried by 18? Or married, got pregnant and had BO then divorced and got remarried by 18? Something is wrong with his timeline.

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