Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Not an usual post for AntiMullah but such a bold move by the United America Committee requires a pat on the back. The group is one of the few which is striking back at islamic jihadist influence that has met with little resistance from our Dhimmis. Also check out a very long, detailed article on ISNA - (iSLAMIC Society of North America) activities at CLICK HERE FOR ISNA ARTICLE For those of you in Southern California mark your calendars! Those outside of the L.A. area please forward this to everyone you know in the region who may wish to attend. We are also encouraging similar protests around the nation. More details to come in the following weeks. PROTEST AGAINST SAUDI ARABIA WHEN: Saturday, August 2nd4:00 PM WHERE: Saudi Consulate at2045 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA(Near W. Olympic & Sawtelle) SAUDI ARABIA: World’s greatest exporter of Terror and Suicide Bombers. Protest against: - Saudi refusal to help ease high gas prices - Saudi funding of terror with petro-dollars - Saudi influence in American politics - Saudi influence in American schools - Saudi promotion of terrorism and extremism through the construction and funding of radical mosques and madrassas in America Event sponsored by the United American Committee and other groups involved in the anti-jihad resistance. More information will be made available at http://www.UnitedAmericanCommittee.org

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