Saturday, August 09, 2008


Lt. General (3-star) Azizollah Palizban, Chief, Combined Intelligence and Counterintelligence Organization and J-2, Supreme Commander's Staff, Imperial Iranian Army died today August 9th, 2008 in California.

As a loyal officer of the late Shah of Iran, after the 1979 Khomeini revolution, Palizban, who had been Governor of Kurdistan Province, and was of Kurdish origin himself, organized anti-Mullah activity from across the border inside Iraqi Kurdish tribal areas.

His activities took him back and forth across the border and on one occasion, straight into an Islamic vigilante road block.

Dressed in Kurdish tribal clothing, he boldly drove almost up the the check point, slowly veered off the road and parked his nondescript vehicle under a nearby tree.

Here, he opened the trunk of his car, pulled out bedding and pretended to go to sleep. Since this unidentified man had not tried to run or evade them, the vigilantes let him "sleep" and eventually came to check him out.

As a Kurd, he had the accent and matched his villager profile.

Asked what he was doing there, he replied tha he was on his way to a holy shrine as a pilgrimage.

Finding nothing but a change of clothes and a Koran in his vehicle, they told him to move on, which he was pleased to do.

They never realized they had a top General of the Shah and the Head of Military Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence in their grasp.

Anti-Mullah offers condolences and sympathy to the General's family and close friends and full respect for his exemplary and loyal service to the late Shah.

In the same vein, we offer sympathies and condolences on the passing away of a good friend, Major-General Houshang Qajar recently in Northern California.

General Qajar was a Deputy Head of Military Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence, J-2 at the time of the 1979 Mullah revolution.


Anonymous said...

Ravaanesh'an shaad baad!

"... Kojaa'yand mardaan'e shir-afakan'at?
Keh boodand o peyvasteh piraaman'at..."

When the current regime finally falls, the work of the Iranian people would've only begun; because God knows how long it would take to reverse all the damage that the mo-slime traitors have done to Iran.

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