Sunday, August 10, 2008


CAN YOU BELIEVE THE EXTENT OF DECEPTION of THE TWO FACED EUROPEAN UNION and realize why the US State Dept. sent in William Burns to monitor their recent nuclear talks with islamic iran? Recent trade by the EU, more specifically Germany, Italy and France with islamic iran has INCREASED by some 18% while they have been "negotiating" with Iran to impose sanctions and has reached $4.5 BILLION. Meanwhile the EU has been feeding placating information to the USA that iran was coming around and receiving all this revenue as a BRIBE to continue providing cover and time delays for the Mullahs. Most of this trade has been industrial machinery and equipment, including machine tools which can have a dual purpose in arms and related peripheral manufacture. islamic iran and Algeria discuss an OPEC type Gas Group but cornering the market for islamic iran is but a small piece of the puzzle. 1. The Mullahs cannot obtain the most modern technology for liquefying the gas from their fields as this is an American technology and restricted from them by US sanctions let alone others and more coming. This lack of an adequate system to replace antiquated ones they have and the lack of decent systems from other sources, impacts their capability of making the most of the huge reserves they have. 2. As bad or worse is the fact that Western companies are withdrawing or have withdrawn from developing the huge Pars gas fields and the technically challenged Russians have stepped in to replace France's Total Oil Group. 3. The Chinese, who have signed $300 billion oil and gas development, search, exploration, refining and drilling contracts with islamic iran, do not have technology to fit islamic iran’s needs, though they can improve refining of gasoline for domestic use. 4. Probable sanctions coning very soon will largely sink any special islamic iran agreements with other countries. While Algeria, by and large a “fanatical” islamic nation may try to disregard the international community, they may soon find themselves coming in from the cold as did Libya. Which has recently warned islamic iran not to follow in the footsteps of Saddam Hussein. 5. The “new” Pars oil and gas fields could take a decade to come on line in any great quantity , so the effect of ANY new GEPF is unlikely to hit us very hard in the near future. Unless Obama and his minions prevent us from developing our own gas and oil. OFFICIAL islamic iran Central Bank statistics, which inevitably underplay the truth when showing negative aspects of islamic iran, say that 25% (or about 18 million citizens) live beneath the poverty level in the Mullah country. Inflation has risen to 21.5% and increased by 1% in the last quarter. With the usual habit of the Mullahs diminishing real figures by at least HALF, the above numbers would in reality be: 50% of citizens or some 35 million people are living below poverty levels. This fits closer to some 30% (21 million) of islamic iranians being addicted to drugs and unable to earn a decent living. The first to agree would be the unpaid workers, many of whom are committing suicide in shame and despair since they cannot feed their families and the countless others who haunt major city garbage dumps and neighborhood dumpsters trying to find a discarded piece of bread or anything else that might still be edible. And to the raging, generally UNTREATED AIDS epidemic inside the Mullah country, which disables even more from working energetically to earn a living. MEANWHILE the Mullah regime has invalidated and cancelled the Medical degrees of 32 graduates who insisted on wearing a necktie at their graduation ceremonies. The Mullahs consider the (cravate) necktie - AS OPPOSED TO THE NYLON ROPE ONES THEY USE WITH FLAGRANT DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE AND RIGHTS - as a an antimullah piece of clothing and have banned it. Law enforcement and Suppression operatives ordered the young medical graduates to take them off - or else. Lucky for them they lost their degrees not their lives. Unable to make any other "crime" stick, the standard Mullah accusations - which both carry a mandated death sentence - are "waging war against god (moharebbeh ba khoda - using the word "khoda", god not Allah) and "promulgating corruption across the world" (mofssed fel arz). The most recent use of this to murder a dissident took place when a young, mild mannered, mild toned Baluchi tribe writer, Yaghoub Mehrnahad, was hanged for the above "crimes". He was a young idealist who never said a harsh word against the Mullahs. He thought he could use his pen to oppose oppression and tyrrany and counter the bloody repression of the Mullahs by pointing out their contravention of their own islamic "Constituion". He died because he is a member of the Baluchi tribe, which openly opposes the Mullahs, though their Jondollah leader, Riggi, has put out feelers to negotiate with the Mullahs to prevent even more executions of Baluchis by a clerical judge sent down there expressly to execute, execute, execute Baluchis till they could not take it anymore. However, the Baluchis, whose warrior tribe(s) live on both sides of the Pakistani-Baluchistan border with Iran, have become enflamed by the death of this young writer and the Mullahs may discover they have set the region on fire and may not be able to extinguish it by killing more of them. Possibly fueling the fires they started into unmanageable conflagration. So far, lack of the same type of unbearable compulsion around the rest of islamic iran, no figurehead leader to inspire them to revolt in unison and a ruthless group of various Suppression Forces, ready to maim and destroy the smallest of gatherings in public or any political or ethnical group coming into the streets - even if it requires killing THOUSANDS AT A TIME without a pang of conscience, has kept the lid on the exploding pressure cooker that islamic iran could and has started to become. Additionally, the regular military, in contrast to the paramilitary revolutionary Guards, the Bassiji Supression Forces and myriad official and clandestine "security enforcement" units, have mostly disarmed and ditrusted by the Mullahs and will be largely unable to do much to support the unappy populace. Unlike in the 1979 revolution, the Mullahs do not have to persuade the now insignificant regular military not to particpate against them. CLEARLY INDICATING his stance, Ahmadi-Nejad the Turd of islamic iran will be visiting Turkey soon and will be met by the Turkish president in Istanbul, instead of the capital city of Ankara,

His visit has been downgraded to "private for discussions" since the islamic iranian president refused to place a wreath on Turkey's national hero and SECULAR founder of modern Turkey, Kemmal Attaturk.

With Fethullah Gulen about to test the secular strength of Turkey's military, as guardians of the secular Constitution by returning (from self-imposed exile in Philadelphia) and setting in motion a Khomeini type revolution and change of regime to an islamic one like inside Iran, Ahmadi-Nejad wants to confer with islamist Premier Erdogan, before the latter leaves office, to offer to help this upheaval in Turkey.

UPDATE ON AL AZHAR UNIVERSITY REFUSING TO OPEN A BRANCH IN TEHRAN (scroll down the page to see the article). To try to ensure the most prestigious Islamic university in the world would accept the request, the Mullahs offered $150 MILLIOIN to the Egyptians to build and open the Tehran site. And were turned down cold! Which has damaged the Mullahs worldwide in Islamic circles.