Sunday, August 31, 2008


Already struggling to maintain a lid on the AIDS epidemic in Iran, which has infected as much as 30% of the 70 million population with full blown AIDS or HIV, the islamic regime has now threatened prison and execution to any doctor who reveals any details about the CHOLERA outbreak that is spreading like wildfire throughout the country with major cities as contamination centers. AIDS EPIDEMIC in islamic iran CLICK HERE Two medical doctors, the Alai brothers, immune deficiency experts, are in prison (if still alive) for divulging the extent of the AIDS/HIV epidemic - specially among the clerics, their religious novitiates (students) and some ayatollahs and senior regime figures. Now the regime has to hide a raging Cholera epidemic which could put it on a special travel restriction list. While some basic sewer piping and sewage treatment exists, Tehran and almost every town and city has sewage wells below each building, which are untreated and UNLINED. Constantly seeping, decade after decade, generation after generation, into the adjoining soil and into similarly dug water supplies or "ghanat" - underground rivers accessed by a chain of earthern surface wells. One of the major and very restrictive problems faced when trying to build a subway (underground train lines) in Tehran was the hundreds of thousands of sewage wells sunk into the subsoil of the capital city as in others all over the country. Disregard for the health and comfort of the populace by the Mullahs, who preferred to spend their funds on war and terror instead of the well being of their people has come to roost. Sewage pipes, to the extent they exist. have not been maintained and are leaking their infectious waste into the surrounding soil. Adding their pollutant to the seepage of numberless rudimentary human waste wells dug below almost every building into which toilets pour. Water treatment plants, to the extent they function, fail to deal effectively with dangerous bacteria going through them and water bearing pipes into homes and offices have deteriorated to a point where they allow deadly pollutant from either local or distant seepage to bring in deadly Cholera. Perhaps the decimation of human immunity by the AIDS/HIV epidemic has compounded the Cholera outbreaks across the country by reducing the ability of the populace to resist the UNAVOIDABLE Cholera bacteria. Water used for agriculture usually comes from the underground "ghanat" and deep wells. The latter, formerly pure, may now have been polluted by the huge amount of human waste being allowed into the soil in and around cities. The World Health Organization should take a very immediate and IN DEPTH look at this matter and not be put off by smoke screens to hide this epidemic, which can spread swiftly to other parts of the world. And help prevent thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of innocent Persians inside islamic iran dying at the hands of an uncaring regime. Which happily executes them by the dozen and imprisons and tortures them by the tens of thousands and thus are inured to the suffering they see and cause.