Sunday, October 05, 2008


I was in Iran in both pre-catastrophe 1978 and post-revolution 1979 and I am here now and it feels like a prelude and replay of the Khomeini's take over of Iran when I watch the Obama take over of America (with a combination Islamic and Marxist support and funding as was the case in Iran). Comparison highlights without going into the various motivations of the participants: By no means a complete overview just a trend/direction we need to sense! Feel free to add comments and I will update those that have any merit. BTW quite a few Iranians have commented with horror that they can see Khomeini in Obama's eyes/look! IR = Pre-Revolution Iran USA = Obama/Democrats IR: Pre-revolution Iran's economy and financial well-being was attacked by the bazaar merchants and (Marxist-Islamist Fedayeen and Mojaheddin with strikes, power outages, artificial shortages of fuel for heating and vehicles. Mullahs promoting economic fall of regime. USA: 1995 ONWARD Democrats in the Clinton administration begin using Fannie May and Freddie Mac to push for loans to even lower than sub-prime (already ineligible, unqualifying) individuals or families by banks. Aimed at becoming popular with minorities and low income voters, the Democrats, like the Mullahs intentionally put the USA economy in jeopardy. IR: Foreign interests and influences come to fish in muddy waters and jockey for position in a potential overthrow of stability and Islam becoming the power base. Carter does irreparable damage which continues to haunt us today. The Mullahs use their network of mosques to promote change. USA: Soros money and foreign funds flood into Obama's coffers, and Islamic groups go out of their way to use their influence and American infrastructures to promote support for Obama. Meanwhile, Obama opens up a national network of his personal "mosques" (personal election offices instead of using those already there of the Democrat National Party). IR: The Soviet Union (at that time, though Putin and Medvedev still act as if Russia were still the USSR) began using their Tehran Embassy to orchestrate the daily activity and strategy of their surrogates, the Marxist Islamists, print up the flyers and use a dozen psychologists to destabilize the regime. The Mullahs begin to create the Khomeini personality cult. It's his face on the moon. USA: Obama uses the Internet to mobilize Left wingers. Communist groups and Islamic support groups and ill-informed, naive Americans to promote his Revolution (Change) - regardless if they are Americans or foreigners. Obama starts his own personality cult as the "Messiah" coming to save America. IR: Khomeini promises an emerging literate but still not educated nor sophisticated Iranian populace that when he comes to power, he will give them each a free house, a free car, a free color TV, free utilities, free phones AND divide the revenues from oil among them, giving them an American buying equivalent of $3,000 a MONTH per person so they could relax at home and not have to work. The Mullahs never stopped to realize that the Western world budgets for that year would NOT SUFFICE. even if it were possible to get that much building, manufacture or even import going to keep the promises. USA: Obama promises a still very financially unsophisticated American populace, specially on a national or global big picture basis, free health care, no taxes (95%), a mythical way out of the national economy catastrophe he and and his allies caused in the first place (see articles below), some of whom are still his financial advisers and cannot keep any of those promises. Khomeini the dictator could ORDER things to be done. Obama still has to follow legal channels, though if the Senate gets filibuster proof wins for the Democrats in the elections, America will be that much nearer to having a Khomeini type crazy, dictatorial "liberal/marxist" regime here but cloaked and hidden by Democrats bending or breaking the rules as they have done to win - take the hidden slush fund for ACORN as one of many examples. IR: Khomeini created his "palace guards", the Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), to protect him and his interests, no matter what. These have expanded to include the Bassiji Suppression Forces and a myriad official and semi-official groups, who maim, torture and kill. USA: The clearly less violent Obama NATIONAL Youth movement he proposes to establish is a page from fascist or Nazi days of Hitler Black Shirts or Mussolini's Brown Shirt movements. As a perfect example of Islamic-Marxist ideology, Obama has campaigned exactly along Communist/Soviet penetration strategy and tactics they have used over and over and Khomeini untenable promises that fool the people. Again, sitting here, somewhat disheartened at the prospect of losing another great country, the USA, to the likes of Obama, a false prophet like Khomeini was for Iran, it is so much deja-vu in the cooking of another disaster with different ingredients but the same recipe. How can so much of the American population be so stupid or so inexperienced as to fall into Obama's Marxist-Islamic trap? Has not Britain sinking into officially implementing sharia (Moslem) law not caused any alarm here? Have they even heard about it? Have a clue what it means? After fighting segregation of blacks and whites, are we all, through Obama, like via Khomeini, driving ourselves into as bad or worse Moslem and non-Moslem SEGREGATION? Of our nation's laws being overridden by sharia demands? Of boys and girls being segregated in all activities? Of public swimming pools refusing to allow non-Moslems to use them because they would pollute the water for Moslems? The pool matter was an actual case in England. School sports are being reduced or banned because girls and boys are inappropriately dressed and are in proximity with each other. Where music is banned in some parts of schools such as ballet or choir practise that has opposite sexes participating. Where a woman is refused medication at a pharmacy by the Moslem check out clerk or in a super market another will not ring up a pack of pork sausages and a manager has to be called in? And a barely schooled Mullah. who can recite the Koran but has studied nothing else, and approves of "honor killings" of daughters by males of her family, decides your fate after your husband reveals he is a Moslem? And the ruling/decision is suddenly LAW of the LAND. (as has happened in England) HAS AMERICA GONE NUTS? DO PEOPLE REALIZE WHAT THE OBAMA COAT TAILS WOULD BRING TO THE WHITE HOUSE AND TO OUR LIFE STYLES? ALSO READ THIS ASPECT OF TREACHERY FROM OBAMA

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John Doebert said...

All I can say is that yesterday I tried to visit Six Flags America, in Maryland. And I had to make an about face because all people I could see were muslims. It happened to be the Muslim Family Day, here, in the USA. If there is something alien to the Founding Father's ideals is Islam, the new form of fascism for sicle XXI. You, Americans, have failed to maintain the spirit which drove to the birth of the United (united in freedom) States (we, the people) of America (the new world, far from sicken Europe). You haven't had the guts to overcome difficult times like these we're living in, and have surrendered to Islam's money, through oil and consume. Of all the people in the world, you are the one chosen to drive us into the future. There's no room here to list all the achievements coming from USA. From Labor's Day to modern flights, from steam power to space travel, from Coca Cola to internet, this is an american world, much to the envid of the rest of the world. And what are you going to do? Surrender your freedoms into an smoke-seller's hands, like Obama and his boys. We, Spaniards, on the other hand, cannot be shown as nobody's example. We've already betrayed our history, putting in charge a moronic clown, another smoke-seller, full of nothing but ideology. So, the world is lost, at least, the world like I know it. No more freedoms, no more rights, no more nothing. Islam will take over, and by the time most people awake of this absurd dream, Islamofascists will have taken over. The show of force that yesterday prevented me and my christian family from enjoying with our fellow americans was orchestrated by the Islamic Council of America, or the like. Of course, I was not ready to risk any misinterpreted glance of mine to a muslim woman, or a push of my boys to a muslim boy in one queue, which could lead to an incident, in which I was the sure loser. Or maybe a bomb left in a restroom after the departure of the muslims, to punish us, the western beast. And checking with the local people in Washington DC shows a big support for Obama's lysergic dream. And even that, when there's so many Americans killed in 9/11; when there's so much hatred against USA among the muslim; when they hate all of you simply because they deny themselves the chance, a single chance, to be like you, and because of that they want to destroy you; even with that, would you elect a Muslim as your President?. Don't you know, American Obama's supporters, that a muslim, above any other allegiance, ANY OTHER, he is, first and foremost, A MUSLIM?. You are about to destroy the foundations of your nation, the last cornerstone of freedom?. I pray, oh how I pray, that God Almighty enlighten you for choosing any, ANY OTHER, than Obama, a convinced muslim, financed by the deluded democrat voters and mostly, by foreing funds coming from... yes, precisely, Muslim governments. Please, wake up and don't vote Obama.