Sunday, October 05, 2008


NO way to mistake what CAIR is and supports. Islam. And Obama. Here are direct links to CAIR if you are not sure. CAIR > Home Council on American-Islamic Relations. Contact Chapters National Board and Staff Muslim News Action Alerts Employment NOW READ WHAT IS GOING ON WITH EFFORTS TO FORCE OBAMA TO PROVIDE VALID (NOT THE FALSIFIED ONES HE HAS OFFERED) BIRTH DOCUMENTS and who is handling it for Obama. "Not surprising the Judge would like to drop this hot potato...but to claim that ANY citizen is NOT affected by a potential illegal ballot placement is amazing. Does there not have to be SOME confirmation of Obama's citizenship done at some stage by someone? Federal Election Commission? Otherwise, the Democrats are going to be running Hugo Chavez or Osama bin Laden next. JUDGE ORDERS OBAMA TO PRODUCE BIRTH CERTIFICATEImportance: High Researching court documents is part of my day job as an investigator. The documents/exhibits are rather misleading. First, for the best point of reference, rely FIRST on the Docket page here: and not the documents unless you compare the docket page with the exhibits first. Occasionally, things are presented as exhibits that appear to be orders, which they ARE NOT. Anyway, where it stands now (officially) is this: Obama’s CAIR lawyer filed a motion to dismiss. That motion is rather crafty done (to the point of likely being effective, both in my opinion as well as my sources at the federal courthouse. Obama’s CAIR lawyer raises the issue of “irreducible constitutional minimum of standing” and cites a 2008 Superior Court case that supports dismissal on those grounds alone. To add to the fatal blows about to be delivered to Berg, Obama’s lawyer also cites a similar case from 2000 saying, basically, is “Hey Berg, Obama’s placement on the ballot won’t affect you, so you have no constitutional grounds to challenge him. Further, this was tried (and failed) with Bush/Cheney in Texas, and summarily dismissed.” Compelling and effective arguments. IMO, the lawsuit is dead in the water, unless Judge Surrick wants to be a greeter at WalMart next year. Just my take on this, FWIW, pass along as you wish and if you wish. Douglas J. Hagmann Multi-State Licensed Investigator Investigative Excellence Since 1985 Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc. Director, Northeast Intelligence Network Author: Tactical Surveillance Copyright © 2003-2008

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