Sunday, January 25, 2009


by Alan Peters

Noticing that in infant stage 2009 they have fallen behind in their previous "kill one a day" rythm of executions, islamic iran (lack of capital letters on purpose as this regime is neither Islamic nor Iranian), the Mullahs executed 22 people in two days. Not a record -- 29 were hanged in one day last July. Reuters Agency, with strong insider ties to the Mullahs was allowed to video their demise. Twelve of them were in Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz and 10 (all together) were done in the torture prison of Evin in Tehran. Accusations were the usual, rape, armed assault, murder, drugs that are used to convict without evidence. Thuggery appears to be absent this time around. Meanwhile two prominent brothers, both medical doctors who are experts on AIDS and HIV were convicted this week (first published here in July 2008) Iran Hiding AIDS EPIDEMIC click here and condemned to eight years in prison. Charged not with the real reason for their arrest - disclosing that some 30% of islamic iran's population of 70 million have full blown AIDS or HIV, - and that the holy city of Qom, populated by clerics and their religious students have a TEN times higher incidence of AIDS or HIV (from male to male sexual contact) than the rest of the country (and named some senior ayatollahs as being infected) - BUT INSTEAD for being one of four convicted for an alleged USA plot to overthrow the Mullah regime. Meanwhile in their own skewed form of clemency, the Mullahs have commuted the sentence of a woman called Kobra, one of eight people awaitings execution by STONING (two men and six women). Her sentence was originally eight years (which she has finished serving) and then the stoning. Now instead of the stoning, she is to receive 100 whip lashes and serve another five years in prison - for ADULTERY! In early days of the 1979 Khomeini/Carter revolution, it was common practise to give a woman 100 lashes and then hang her an hour later, making sure she felt the pain of the lashings THEN died choking, strung up by a crane at the end of a rope. For being accused of being a "loose woman". Sound familiar? Remember how those accused of being witches were tortured with drowning chairs and being burned at the stake by religious zealots around the world in olden times? That's the difference; islamic iran is even worse and just as mentally retarded TODAY. You want that mentality to have nuclear weapons? Obama wants to chat with them over tea? Does this indicate he has the same mental level as they do and can meet them mind to mind? Nobody else has been able to stoop so low. A Persian language TV rejoiced that he was a boon to islamic iran and was in the process of leading his own revolution. The American Khomeini. Meantime, here is a target our DOD should add to the target list for a strike on Iran. It is a building in Lavisan, a district of Tehran, traditionally a military center. This series of "housing" has been built for senior officers of the Revolutionary Guard and while the outside looks like a good use of a hillside, the interior shows how the top brass lives.

Remember, Iran's total population is only 70 million, so 30% with AIDS or HIV means over 20 million people. About the same number or more are out of work and about 30 million are drug addicts (driven there mostly by misery and despair, including upper class teens and youth). And INFLATION has been proudly announced by the regime to have dropped to 22% (from a reality of nearly 50% in some staples like dairy products where prices often double overnight) Just as Khomeini intentionally made familiy members stand in long lines to obtain basic food items, chicken at one place, meat at another, rice at another, bread at others to occupy them and prevent them from organizing an effective opposition to his revolution, the Mullahs today are the dealers in drugs and alcohol (yes, imported brand name alcoholic beverage), kowing that a stupored populace cannot act up effectively.

Compared to this citizen, several million more like him (including a million homeless CHILDREN and abandoned women living just in Tehran streets) and whole families, often a dozen members at a time visiting main garbage dumps to find food or any item they can retrieve to sell or use at home to survive. This is an excellent example of the islamic iran you are not allowed to see.

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