Wednesday, February 04, 2009


In islamic iran, gay rape in prisons pleasures the guards and also shames the men into submission once they are released.
Raping women, arrested for the most minor of infractions, often invented ones if they are attractive, almost invariably means sexual intercourse/rape with the arresting authority. Either to punish them or as a way for them to buy their release.
Peaceful islam in action. AND YOU DHIMMIS want to encourage this islamic mindset into our USA AND OUR CULTURE?
Good grief!
And we have "arrogant I won" Islamo-Marxist Obama and Dumb Mafiosa Pelosi in charge of our 500 MILLION Americans about to lose their jobs! Listen carefully - PER MONTH!!!
Yes, 500 Million - listen to our in charge Speaker of the House Pelosi quote our job loss numbers EVERY MONTH we fail to pass - yes, IF WE DO NOT BLINDLY ACCEPT HER/OBAMA'S 99% PORK-FAT STIMULUS PACKAGE.

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