Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last week a Mullah bill passed making changing your religion or apostasy (from islam to anything else) a MANDATORY DEATH SENTENCE. Not simply as a Koranic teaching but now as the official law of the land. Although the Bahai religion is pragmatically a form of islam, it is not completely accepted as a true religion by the Mullah Shias and competes with their 12th Imamers, since Baha was supposed to be the 12th Imam. Now a bill in the islamic regime of iran's "parliament" is being passed to make political views a crime! Any activities or words that dissent with or oppose the Mullah political line can be punished with imprisonment and death.

Any gatherings - FOR ANY REASON - that the regime does not approve merit the same penalties. Again, any reason. Taken to an extreme a funeral gathering around a corpse the regime never liked can come under this catch-all law.

Any demonstration without written permission from the regime automatically calls up prison or death. Assuming the Bassiji Suppression forces fail to maim or kill you first right on the spot.

Any comments about any of the leadership comes under dissent and although currently met unofficially with arrest, torture and too often "private" execution where the person disappears for eternity never to be seen, can now be formally adjudicated. (Whatever that means in the Mullah regime, where they do what they want with or without laws).

Five various videos of CANDIDATES registering to run for President in islamic iran (sorry, in Farsi only but viewing them gives you a good feel of the quality). And how little they know about anything. One 19-year old young lady said she wanted to run because she "likes the idea" and does not feel she needs to know anything about politics. One youngish bearded, clearly not too bright man, thinks hard at questions and then spouts some islamic saying that has no clear relevance but proves he has memorized them. And is a really good, worthy Moslem. What is saddest in our world today is that similarly apparently "clueless" Americans voted in our O-Khomeini as America's President. And he has immediately taken long planned steps to destroy us as a nation, economically and politically and as a Judeo-Christian society and impose his Communist ideology with islamist underpinnings. And boy, are he and his cohorts good at doing this! They have sabotaged our ship of nation in less than a month and now it is taking a while for it to sink to the bottom. islamic iran candidate registration for President click here

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