Sunday, February 22, 2009


The efforts are still uncoordinated and not well thought out. Friday 11 am till noon (lunch hour break?) - middle of th ework day may not be the best timing but the concept is fine and fits other uncoordinated reactions. Several States are now passing State legislature bills to nullify the federal government's "illegal" mandates and usurping of State powers where even certain federal crimes cannot be imposed on the States. New Hampshire is a path finder in this. Others are writing bills to avoid having to accept Federal monies on the one hand and on the other, knowing they only receive some 70 cents for every dollar they send to the Feds, to stop paying Federal monies. Then, like in Texas, independent action to deal with a federal situation, for the challenges from Mexico. Getting no response to several requests to the Obama Administration for help with Mexican drug gangs creating riots around El Paso and other border regions, Texas has just put its National Guard on Red Alert for the first time ever. Texas' State Constitution also already has a clause permitting seccession. Other States may have such clauses but will quickly pass legislation to allow them to seccede and quickly form regional alliances with neighboring states. Estimates show that the USA, instead of becoming the Obama USSA (United Socialist States of America) will break up into eight regional alliances. NON-Communist - with names to be decided. But Obama-Khomeini will have achieved the plan of his Islamist and Communist masters and his own ideals - in one thing. The destruction of the USA as a nation and world power.

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American Genie said...

Hopefully we will get the worthless piece of humanity out of office before the destruction is complete.

Thanks for visiting my little blog. I haven't posted in some time because nothing seemed to be working correctly, but I think it was just my computer ignorance that caused the problem. I don't think that is the case with your blog(s).

You take care of yourself, Alan. We need you if we are gonna get through this nightmare.

God bless America!