Sunday, February 08, 2009


Today, Iranian TV and Radio stations discussed the annivesary of the Khomeini revolution and analysts described it as the mistaken and misled populace being brain washed by a strong street campaign that once the "devil" Shah was driven out, then the "angel" of Khomeini would step in and provide them with a "good life" and a promise of paradise. The parallels between the islamic Khomeini revolution and American Khomeini-Obama's revolution of "Change" is striking. Including the late Shah trying to use a weak, prayer spouting General Azhari as military chief of staff to keep the military focused and then appointing a very principled proponent of democracy, Shapour Bakhtiar, as Prime Minister to try to deal with a bloodthirsty "Mongol" type invasion by the Arab religion aligned clerics. Obama's choices for his Cabinet and senior White House positions clearly consist of many lawbreakers and foreign driven philosophies like Communism and jihadist islam. And just as Jimmuh the idiot President Carter imposed islamic-Khomeini on Iran, Obamessiah has accepted support and now has to repay imposition of demands by the islamic Mullahs in iran and Saudi Arabia. (Among many other enemies or false allies of America). Instead of the Marxist-Islamist, Soviet orchestrated Mojaheddin and Fedayeen, going to the villages and preaching dissent and making impossible to keep promises for those giving them support (free everything when Khomeini took over), with Obama it was ACORN and our Black Moslem Brotherhood doing it in a slightly more Western fashion. Meanwhile well recognized American Socialist and Communist groups or indivuduals and Democrat Leftists played the role of the Marxist-Islamists of Iran and contributed to fraudulent fund raising, fraudulent voter registration and a fraudulent personality cult creation. Much the way Khomeini advocates used mosques, Obama used his "personal" offices in nearly very State, separate from and in addition to Democrat Party offices, to promote him, not his party. And to cover up his lack of any firm agenda - except for the word "change". And no knowledge of how to create a CORRECT, beneficial form of change. Instead of the catastrophe even the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office warns he is forcing on us through self-serving elected officials. Including three so-called Republican traitor Senators with addled porridge for brains. The Internet, instead of hundreds of thousands of Khomeini's message audio cassettes used in Iran, with instructions to recipients to copy and spread them, lead to huge fund raising fraud and no donation was too small or too dirty to refuse. Including three donation transactions, given by the same person, using his credit card as a test but in the name of Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda #2 Al-Zawahiri and even dead dictator Saddam Hussein - all the amounts were accepted without any verification or rejection in this obviously impossible situation. As with islamic-Khomeini, the "change" revolution of American Khomeini-Obama was based on a personality cult with only an empty underpinning. Where he became the projection screen onto which (as with the islamic-Khomeini) the biased, gullible followers shone their "imagined" changes, they imagined he was indicating. Since he refused to identify any particular form of change, he quickly became all changes to all his believers/followers. In 1978/79 myriads small, toy, plastic telescopes had transparencies of Khomeini's face stuck on the wider end and pointed at the moon at night to show a naive populace that Allah favored Khomeini to the extent of putting his image on the moon. (Only visible through Allah's secret telescopes provided to true believers). Just as with the islamic-Khomeini cult, where his total ignorance, lack of real experience in anything to do with government - leading to his stating that the complete next year's national budget was written on a small piece of paper he had in his pocket. The Obama-Khomeini had no experience in anything other than wheeling and dealing, dirty, Chicago style, "organizing" of corruption. Even when buying himself a house - in the name of a law firm, not his own - and far beyond the maximum limits of the lender he used. Not even his so-called two years of Senate "experience", where he was either absent campaigning or voted "present" provided him with needed knowledge. Including campaigning for his Kenyan cousin Odinga, in Kenya at Senate expense, while Odinga was burning Christians alive in Kenyan churches, making written pacts with Islamists and preaching Communist government. Obama has come to realize you cannot create an Afghan surge out of thin air - it requires retraining 30,000 U.S. soldiers from Iraq for mountain fighting, something his lack of experience and refusal to listen to good advice here and with Guantanamo, shows up as his pitiful lack of knowledge and experience. Except where it covers his activities as a dirty politician with lots of empty rhetoric. Like with so many of his peevish decisions based on arrogant "I won" emotion rather than facts, he is having to back down. Again, and again. The release of some 180 al Qaeda terrorists this week by the Saudis and Yemenis (170) and a released Guantanamo prisoner now in charge of them in Yemen, again points to the miserable judgment and lack of experience of our increasingly Criminal in Chief American Khomeini-Obama. Obama's refusal to provide a legitmate birth document has now been turned into "PRES__ENT (no ID)" instead of Pres id ent. And there seems to be the same lack of legitimacy as with the islamic-iranian Khomeini version. Islamic-Khomeini did not have a single drop of Iranian blood in his veins. His father was an Englishman from Bristol, England and his mother was a Kashmiri Indian. Origins of Khomeini click here And the related Jimmuh CARTER story click here American Obama-Khomeini cannot even prove he is an American citizen of any flavor, let alone not an Indonesian and almost certainly not a natural born citizen he has to be. Unless he manages to undo the U.S. Constitution, which he seems hell bent on doing - or at worst ignoring - through having "won" the election and power hungry sidekicks like Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid helping hide the truth. And our Supreme Court refusing to come to grips with the ever clearer disaster Americans have visited on all our heads by choosing Obama-Khomeini as our possibly "non-American" leader. Little consolation that Obama at least had an education with which to compensate for not being able to kill and torture dissenters as did islamic-Khomeini. Because he could execute, murder or imprison his opposition, islamic-Khomeini managed to last a lot longer than our American-Khomeini appears to be managing with the whole nation suddenly realizing how corrupt and naive Obama-Khomeini really is. As is his so-called stimullus package he is so desperate to pass HURRIEDLY before more people realize what a rip-off it is of the American people. Or to use a Persian description, an "empty drum" capable of lots of noise but with nothing of substance to offer. Instead of the islamic-iranian threat of death and torture, Obama throws tantrums that he won the election and with a clear majority to do as he pleases will impose his ignorant (pay back supporters not save our nation) porkulus package and ruin America. To immediately turn it into his "dependent on government favors" United Socialist States of America. He will be much worse in the end to America and much of he world than what the new Orange Grove pest (Asian Psyllid) hitting Florida, California, China, Saudi Arabia and orange trees worldwide can destroy and turn terrorist supporter, pro-Communist idiot Jimmuh Carter into a saint by comparison. Having gone through the islamic-Khomeini saga, it is deja-vu to watch American Khomeini-Obama trot out his plays and tactics. And just as frustrating to watch clueless Americans be sillier than uneducated Iranians were back in 1978/79 and this includes our elected, self-serving, selfish officials. They do not hesitate to cut off their own noses to spite their faces. And slide like lemmings after the rest of us, off the cliff their lunacy created.

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