Saturday, February 07, 2009


Has anyone noticed that the first shots for a civil war or secession have already been fired across Obama's bows as he shovels in Chicago type politics of stench and bull crap into the White House? New Hampshire and Washington State have bills pending and others are examining their options, including California. (Scroll down the page to New Hampshire details or click here ) Only 37% of Americans favor his Porkulus stimulus and 43% oppose him. Cities have started to examine not sending money to their States and keeping their revenues. States are also looking to not sending revenues to the Federal government and keeping it to pay for local State related expenses. If this movement grows perhaps the Federal government will be starved of revenues to apply to their pork projects and less greedy and more careful State minds will spend OUR money wisely. As Obama moves toward implementing increasingly Socialist or even Communist mindsets and executive orders, like his arse licking pay back to Unions by ordering that all Federal contracts must be done by Union workers, the population's discomfort or perhaps revulsion is begining to show. He has lost about 30% popular support in a matter of two weeks! He is finding, despite his arrogance, that you can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but NOT as he attempts to do - all of the people all of the time. And throws a tantrum that he won the election and could not care less what others think or suggest as a better way to save America. Instead of his Islamo-Marxist policies that reward those who funded his win. This is one of the reasons for his rush to get a Porkulus bill passed before facts register even more deeply on the American populace's psyche that has still (so far) given him a pass. Increasingly, expert opinion (including the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office) says that DOING NOTHING about the crisis will do LESS damage than what his porkulus bill will do if it passes. And NO! A SPENDING bill with money that is NOT there is not a stimulus package. It is an idiotic repetition of the kind of thought pattern which he and others around him in the Democrat Party showed with FreddieMac and FannyMae policies, which triggered our problems to start with. Change? No way! More of the same lunacy of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result using the same old players from Washington D.C. Hopefully some of the court cases, which doubt his eligibility and now his ability to be President will come to the fore and remove this American Khomeini from the White House and prevent an irreversible dismantling of America's security and fiscal recovery.

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