Friday, March 20, 2009


NOW ROOZ JAAVIDAAN KHOJASTEH BAAD Norooz Now Ruz Prince Despite Oba-Hussein-Khomeini's cosying up to the Mullahs and playing kissy-kissy with them, the royalist movement has begun to pick up steam and gain broadening support among various factors of the opposition. Including within Iran. CROWN NOW ROOZ Empress Farah Pahlavi. widow of the late-Shah and last vestige of freedom and rule of law. Shahbanou Farah The royals: wife and children of His Imperial Highness Reza Pahlavi. FamilyNowrooz_1385%20shah His black half is Moslem, his white half is Marxist and everything in between is an idiot hell bent on destroying America for revenge on how he was treated as a child and growing up and to satisfy his Narcissism. Light_up_Big Hurry up Supreme Court of the USA (SCOTUS) and apply the Constitution and save our country. With the help of the Democrats in Congress under Pelosi and Reid's Senate, Obambi is dismantling the USA and forming his Black Shirt private security forces, while weakening our military and putting them responsible directly to him as President instead of answerable to the Constitution. And setting up cancerous growths in our political structures to prevent anyone ever being elected outside his channels and with his approval. AMERICA, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THROUGH A REVOLUTION LIKE THE ONE IN IRAN IN YOUR LIFETIMES OR THOSE OF YOUR PARENTS, OR GRANDPARENTS - SO YOU CANNOT RECOGNIZE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES. OPEN THEM WIDE AND SENSE WHAT IS HAPPENING EVEN IF YOUR EXPERIENCE CANNOT GUIDE YOU. OPEN YOUR MINDS AND REALIZE WE AS A NATION ARE IN DEEP, DEEP TROUBLE. NOT JUST FINANCIALLY BUT POLITICALLY AND ALREADY LOSING OUR FREEDOMS. NO MATTER HOW OR WHAT YOU THINK OF THE AIG BONUSES, THE FACT THAT CONGRESS PASSING, OR CAN PASS A BILL TO STRIP THOSE BONUSES IS A DANGEROUS POWER BEING MISUSED AND JUST THE BEGINNING. SPECIALLY AS THEY SET IT UP T ALLOW THEM AND THEN RAN INTO THE REACTION WE EVIDENCED AND NOW WILL RUIN THE FEW PEOPE WHO MADE THE MESS AND CAN CLEAN IT UP. THERE ARE A TON OF OTHER BONUSES IN THE PIPELINE CNGRESS CANNOT STOP. AND YES, I AM SHOUTING! (UPPER CASE LETTERS) - CAN ANY OF YOU SIMPLETONS HEAR ME?


American Genie said...


This simpleton hears you loud & clear!

Watch for an email from me. I would like the opinion of someone I trust other than my husband. He thinks I might be onto something.

I am sure that I'm not the only one who thinks this way because I read your blog, & agree with most everything you say. I do admit that at times you go over my head, but I really try to keep up.

God bless you, Alan, & God bless America!

ROSTAM said...

Congratulations for your excellent blog.

Certainly I will recommend it in my blog.

Eide Nowrooz Mobarak

Best Wishes from Spain and Khoda hafez