Thursday, April 16, 2009


So many have been taken in and deceived by Oba-Hussein's "front" because they judged him by his appearance, his "apparent" loquacity, though it appears that without his teleprompters he proves to be a lousy speaker and unable to handle a subject that has not been fed into them. Great example comes from the day (last Wednesday) that pirates captured an USA ship and took her captain hostage. At a priorly scheduled press conference, some reporters asked him his opinion abut the shipping event. Knowing he had nothing about it on his teleprompters he whined that they were there to discuss "housing" - not shipping. Oba-Hussein refused to address the first piracy against a US flag in 200 years. (And later tried to take credit for the rescue attempt made against a bunch of untrained Somali teenagers!) Just as so many made the mistake of misjudging Oba-Hussein on his looks and presentation, here is another example of a similar misjudgment. Happily, not costing America TRILLIONS of dollars. Yet just as big an error. MUST WATCH CLICK ON THE TITLE AND VIEW THE VIDEO

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