Thursday, April 16, 2009


View the English sub-titled video below and judge for yourselves. Watching his anti_Israeli selection for senior positions (like Chas Freedman) in his administration, analyzing his inability not to bow with bended knee to the Keeper of Islamic Holy Sites, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and his making nice with the other Islamic groups like CAIR and calling the Mullah regime in Iran, the "Islamic Republic of Iran" - something NOBODY, no Western Head of State has so far accepted to do - instead of the Islamic REGIME of Iran, not even the UNITED NATIONS, Oba-Hussein has invited all Islamic violence and jihad to descend on us.

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Tonto said...

I'm not worried about "jihadists" at all. The choice of whether or not we fight jihdis is not the government's decision. That decision will come from the people, and the people can be very stern.