Sunday, July 26, 2009



The Iranian anti-mullah movement is taking an ever more determined stand and are organizing demonstrations not only inside Iran but throughout America and parts of Europe. A major project is underway (the reason for the Email title this article (contact to the organizers of the project, Pars TV) which is planning a march (by bus) on Washington D.C.- in front of the White House. Disappointed by Obama's mealy-mouthed refusal to suppport freedoms sought by the student demonstrations and supporting instead the Mullah regime in Iran and encouraged by the recent 50,000 or so person march in Los Angeles from the federal Building to Santa Monica, they are obtaining permits all along the route to stop at every Federal Building in each city that has one, on the way to Washington D.C. Exact dates and cities will be announced once they have the permits. The plan will encourage attendance at each venue and snowball participants all along (adding more buses as needed) so as massive a group as possible arrives at the destination. Cities close or north of DC will follow suit and provide spokes of participants, who are invited to attend from all and any political predelicion or philosophy as long as it stands for freedoms and stands against the Mullah regime. While the man thrust is for iranians to join in,nobody gets turned away and all supporters are welcome. Gathering at Federal Buildings simplifies and removes the need to designate different kinds of meeting places at each stop.

One question arises. Who is footing the bill? In French they say "cherchez-la femme" (find the woman) to get to the source of a situation, here in America we say "follow the money".

While there are multitudes of affluent Persians in the USA not enough of them have the means or time to spend 22-days travelling cross country covering the expense of paying for their own hotels and meals to create decent demonstrations at the various en route stops.

The cost estimate would translate to several million dollars at the every least and tens of millions if the number of participants in this cross country caravan of buses is sizeable enough..

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