Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Who was the un-named Fire Dept. Obama shill you repeatedly quoted to CONFRONT and diminish the recent Washington D.C. gathering as almost irrelevant?

Try using standard military and law enforcement crowd estimates of takins the square yards occupied by the demonstrators and multiplying each square yard (or meter) by four when they are this packed or by two or three when strolling in a looser formation.

You are shedding supporters, though some of those still watch like a mouse mesmerized by a cobra,  like dandruff from the hair you no longer have. Yes, ad-hominem opinion on your features, which show how far you have capitulated to whatever pressure has come to focus on your wealth and its protection from potential removal or the need to flee from New York as did Rush Limbaugh.

Try and do it with a little less blatant self-serving hypocrisy! You are starting to share the same narcissistic stink of the current administration.  And why a courageous Glenn Beck is fast on your heels.


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