Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sick and dying after being injected with swine flu vaccine?

Many are sick and dying after being injected with swine flu vaccine!!

Self-inflicted plague by our Government?

Well there was a swine flu outbreak in the late 70’s and more people died from the vaccine than the virus. Those that didn’t die had serious complications from the vaccine. I don’t know how much the vaccine has changed but the track record for drugs treating this flu are not good.

They cannot handle car clunkers (see article below), they cannot ensure our safety from their forced military inoculations (or nasal sprays) AND they WANT TO HANDLE OUR HEALTHCARE?

Vote them out at every opportunity and save our nation! They are protecting their power not our nation nor our national interests and well-being!

Fraudulent voice votes by Pelosi, replacing formal voice counts,  where one squeak from a Democrat drowns out a roar of Republican voices and carries the vote in favor of her wishes.

Massachusetts, which changed State law to prevent then Republican governor from appointing a Senator, now changing it back to allow the Democrat governor to appoint a replacement for Ted Kennedy and NOT as the law demands, hold an open election!

Note how nutcase murderers, Islamist Ghaddafi of Libya, Communists Castro of Cuba and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela all praise Obama? And wish him a LIFETIME presidency.


Americans! Where are you?

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