Sunday, September 13, 2009

A million or more rock Washington

What a fantastic day for Americans. Over a MILLION people!

Please note that Obama said he didn't know anything about it; he wasn't in town. He was absent like his Birth Certificate!

That's reason enough right there for him not to be president, huh? He doesn't want to see nor hear how much opposition he has energeized and trires to force his narcissistic version down our throats as is our opinion did not exist,

Then we heard a BHO spinmeister say that this was only a small minority of the people, 15%-20% of the voting population; the rest of the country didn't feel that way --- and he based that on what?

I would suggest that the present administration remember the small margin on which BHO won the presidency against a weak opposition: only 4%. ---Dorrie

The capital was rocked today by a taxpayer march and rally that could be the biggest protest ever – potentially dwarfing the Million Man March and the Promise Keepers Rally.

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