Sunday, November 08, 2009


Without any wish to propose anything to harm our economy nor civil disobedience, the article below found on the Internet does make some sense as a way to get the Congress and Senate, both of which totally ignore the will of the people they are supposed to support and follow instead of their own DESPOTIC wishes and preferences.

The Shah of Iran was toppled partly through daily strikes by certain organizations like the Power and Water Authority equivalent and the Oil Company, which supplied vehicle and heating fuel going on strike or cutting off electricty or supplies of heating/cooking fuels so that the populace paid attention to the protestors through the discomfort.

Here the target is not the people but the tone deaf Administration of Oba-Hussein and his radicals, both in the White House and Congress and Senate who apparently do not care a whit what "we the people" want or think and demand blind obedience from us for what Oba-Hussein imposes on us.



We need to do something more dramatic, more radical to attempt to get the Democrats to stop this destruction of our American system of government.

I propose we set up a national strike day which will also include a boycott.

So, we don't go to work on that day and we also do not buy anything at all that day.

We have the greatest impact we possible can on the economy that day. If we can get enough people to do this, it will really shake up Washington and our state governments as well.

It is the American people who make the wealth in this nation, we are the productive ones. We are always trying to fight these bastards on their ground, let's make them battle on ours!

We shut down the economy for a day, with the follow-up to do it once a week until they capitulate.

We simply: Don't Feed The Pig Day

There is no travel required, missing work is a sacrifice, but really people it is comparatively a very very minor one.

Think of the soldiers fighting for us now risking their lives for our freedom...that is not very convenient for them I am sure.

Think of the millions who sacrificed everything to protect our freedom in the past. Now, it is our turn to sacrifice just a little to maybe make a real difference.

The left has mocked us at every turn, we protested with our Tea Party's...I did Chicago April 15th, Rockford in August, and the March On Washington in September. We were mocked or ignored.

Our leaders like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Joe Wilson, or any outstanding conservative is humiliated, lied about, and mocked.

This is what tyrants do.

In the meantime, these bastards have control of our education system, legal system, unions, etc. and they now are taking over private industry.

They have no legal authority for this people!

They are forcing their will upon us. They are truly enemies to our constitution and to our country.

Join in this effort to get their attention and scare the crap out of them. Don't Feed The Pig Day...I propose we do this on Wednesday November 30th. And we do it every Wednesday thereafter until they capitulate.

The idea is Don't Feed The Pig!


Clearly this requires organization and to do it on a national scale right away may prove too big a step.

But, let's take a step out of the Ayatollah Khomeini book to confront the American Oba-Hussein-Khomeini and do this on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis, rather like the Neighborhood Watch groups, company by company among the employees themselves and then join these up as quickly as possible.

Churches or other regular group events can also help get this organized and work it as a true grass roots movement that allows the people to do more than show discontent and protest by simply gathering.

On a city by city, county by county basis, the action can quickly grow into  a powerful voice for "we the people" that can no longer be mocked and ignored by Pelosi, Reid and Oba-Hussein-Khomeini, who are already passing counter-measure laws to prevent and nullify "you the people" from even demonstrating in the streets or following any freedoms the Constitutions allows you.


Watch them kick into martial law (using "general welfare" healthcare considerations) if the protest gathers strength and then watch America defend our freedoms, which these despotic and ever more dictatorial entities in the Administration are hurriedly stripping from us.

Only one third (not even a majority) of America supports what the Oba-Hussein administration is doing so they are now a TYRRANICAL  tail wagging our dog.

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Jim said...

This is tough on folks who are just scraping by.

Just go after Obama supporters. start with boycotting forever GM and Chrysler dealerships that remain open because they donated $$$ to progressives while dealerships who supported conservatives were shut down by Obama. Boycot other businesses who support progressives, such as Starbucks.