Sunday, November 08, 2009


I believe some 32 or so States have already passed bills in their State Legislatures to allow them to seccede if need be. The general consensus seems to be that some six regional "coalitions" would emerge and none would pay heed to the Federal government nor pay taxes to finance it.

Instead of the United Socialist States of America that Oba-Hussein is hell bent on  putting into place, we would have several Independent Regions of America. Their geographic common interests would provide them strengths and a few weaknesses, which exchanges with other regions would overcome.

A far better scenario for the citizens of the USA than what is being shoved down our throats. The temporary dislocation of government that could ensue appears far better than what will result from the plans Oba-Hussein has in the works.

Perhaps the Oba-Hussein power grab cloud has this silver lining where our freedoms would survive while he and his radicals would disappear into the cesspool they are creating.

We are a peaceful people but not so enamored of the clueless Narcissist in Chief that we will "go to the slaughter" like the sheeple he thinks we are. We will certainly prefer to seccede than live on our knees as his slaves without the protections of the Constitution he is stripping from us with every step of his power grab. 

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