Thursday, November 05, 2009


This is a fun site of "plausible" but conspiratorial analysis that practises a blend of likely truth and creative disinformation/information.

Claiming contacts inside the Russian Kremlin, there is a constant tinge of anti-CIA commentary woven into the articles.

What I find interesting is the underlying detail, some of which may, repeat may, have some basis in fact and could be useful indicators for intel analysts.

Somewhat like gossip columns often pointing to real facts but spinning their meaning in exaggerated ways.

There is little doubt that Dobbs had shots fired at his home. Nor that Glenn Beck would be a wishful target for the leftist loonies, reportedly requiring him being assigned some bodyguards.

And the article does underline the Oba-Hussein administration's quite OVERT efforts to suppress and control the Media in the USA and overseas to only show the most favorable views and ban, force to be deleted  or scrub out negative ones.

One instance is one of the videos about the "damn America" Oba-Hussein preacher being scrubbed (lower down in one of articles posted below), where the video "no longer exists"! Scrubbed off the Internet, though a true depiction of the event and Reverend Wright's speech.

Enjoy and use your own brains selectively to sift what you read.

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