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The frustrated cries of the freedom protestors pouring into the streets these days, in Islamic Iran, are "obama, yaa ba aanha , yaa ba maa " meaning "Obama, either with them (the Mullahs)" or with us (the people).They pay with their lives (often for the best  compared to what agony they go through when arrested and often eventually die under torture anyway).

For those who were inside Iran prior to  the original Ayatollah Khomeini power grab and part of countering it,  countering the Soviet directed groups like the Mojaheddin (MEK) and Fedayeen, who carried out Soviet tactics and strategies,  the Oba-Hussein actions can be recognized by them as the same steps the Marxist-Islamist Oba-Hussein-Khomeini is implementing in the USA to grab power and control of the populace.

It's a deja-vu for those who went through it and still live. The similarity is stunning. The only difference so far is the lack of bloodshed, which is not so easy inside America as it was in Iran.

With dissent to Oba-Hussein's policies rising in the USA, an under current is appearing of a call to the streets in protest. For now with Tea Parties but perhaps escalating into civil disobedience rallies.

If this happens and is put down by thuggery, official force or repression, unlike the unarmed Iranian populace, Americans are armed as a nation, many trained as hunters or in the military and though it will take a spark or two of an exchange of violence, the final result could be as bloody or bloodier than inside Islamic Iran.

Efforts to disarm Americans  by Oba-Hussein and his Marxist-Islamist radicals and some very weirdo czars might quickly flare like the original revolt against the British who tried to disarm the American populace and triggered armed revolt.

Oba-Hussein appears caught in the dilemma of  acting against the Mullahs then having to employ their suppression tactics (hopefully a bit diluted)  inside the USA to retain his ever more shaky hold on power and allow globalists to take over our sovereignty.

With the ridiculous one month suspension of ACORN funding ended October 31st, look for more and more of this kind of thing.

For instance the New York 23 congressional race.

The so-called Republican Scoffa'assa who quit and then endorsed the Democrat instead of the conservative candidate Hoffman, who has mindsets closer to Republican ones than this RINO, (Republican in name only) also has strong ties to ACORN! She used them. And  Hoffman lost.

America seems to be waking up and the Chicago thuggery did not succeed in Virginia and New Jersey, despite what the witness below says.

by One Vike

If you are the Democrat party of New Jersey and it looks like you may lose the Governor's office to a 500 pound fat guy (Jon Corzine's words, not mine), what do you do? After all, even the "Great One", Obama himself, could not seem to turn the tide that was ready to hit them from the Republican Party and it's candidate, Christie. Well, I have documented story after story about the intimidation tactics used by the left in this country, but what the Democrats did in this election has even left some liberals scratching their heads.

Imagine you are an off duty New Jersey police officer relaxing at home, when you look out your window and see several known criminals. Then you look a bit closer and you realize that one of them is a man you arrested several weeks ago and the other man has just been released from prison. Oh yea, the man just released from prison was there for murdering a fellow police officer. Now as if that is not worrisome enough for you, you then find out that the men have been employed by the the Democratic Party for get out the vote (GOTV) operations.

Check out this interview with another Morris Township resident who also witnessed the gangbangers going door to door, but is afraid to be identified.

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