Thursday, December 17, 2009


A thuggish, disruptive show of force by Islam in France in a public street. The cameraman was told if he continued to film he would encounter  strong, unpleasant trouble and (implied) physical harm.

"Basically, the guy is video taping, so they start telling him to stop, then he says it's a public place, so he can film. They say that's not the case, and he needs permission to film them. This goes back and forth for quite some time.

Finally one of the guys says to the camera man, "Can I come to your house and film you?" Camera man replies, "No that would be illegal." Then the guys says, "OK then you can't film us here either." The camera man replies by saying, "This is a pubic street. I can film a public street.", etc.

Towards the end, there starts to be a little more aggression like, "Don't point that camera at me." kinda thing. They also said there's not a place nearby that these people can go to pray besides the street, so that's why they are there.

Basically, he wanted to document what they were doing by filming them, and they didn't want him to."

Moslems don't like to be indentified when they try to bully the countries in which they are alien guests - in case the country may finally have enough of it and bully them back. And have their faces breaking laws.

The camea man asks if they have a permit and they say they do not, they are part of a mosque and (for some reason) cannot pray there so they are choosing to do it here and sate he is forbidden to film them.

He asks by what law and they say they do not need a law to forbid him. It is enough that the the mosque to which they belong does not want them to be filmed.

Imposition of sharia mindsets on non-Moslems by force and physical thuggery. They had no permit to  gather there and block passage for people and vehicles. But gave themselves pemission to ban other people their freedoms - like the cameraman.

Something similar happened in the USA at a Moslem Fair. The video of that is somewhere on this site. We post too many items to keep track. Do a search if you wish to view it.

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