Tuesday, June 08, 2010


A few months ago. for their own safety,  a slew of middle level clerics/mullahs, aghast at the Green Iranian demonstrations against the regime "emigrated" out of the holy Iranian city of Qom and fled to the holy city of Najaf in Iraq, home to the most senior Shia Moslem in the world, Grand Ayatollah Sistani.

Other than sending a personal assistant to Qom to relay his  "discomfort' at the way Supreme Ruler in Iran, Ali Khamenei has handled the uprising in  a violent, brutal  fashion, Sistani has kept out of the fray and avoided issuing a fatwa (religious edict) against the torture, rapes and murders of protesters.

Enter Soroush. As a young man, he found himself in a position of strategist and tactician for Ayatollah Khomeini in the early days of the revolution and eventually  became an established advisor on policy. (Soroush is not his real name and he adopted this nickname meaning (roughly) "religious messenger of miracles" to suit "job" and avoid being identified in an official fashion.

Seeing the strength of the anti-regime demonstrations and fearing possible Israeli/Western military attacks leading to Shia Islam being "eradicated" in Iran if all the senior clergy were killed he has issued an edict for all of them to seek shelter in Najaf so they can restart a rebirth of Shia Islam.

Meanwhile, the Islamic regime in Iran, at odds how to stop the movements against them, including from various splinters of opposing clerics, has resorted to executions to drive fear into the hearts of the opposition. They executed FOURTEEN "dissidents" today. And declared that they have another two dozen in line to be hanged shortly.

Interestingly,  fear and suppression have failed to cow the dissent which has to also deal with leaders like Moussavi, Karroubi, Hatami and Rafsanjani putting out statements supporting the Islamic regime but attacking the Khamenei administration, if effect weakening and diluting the focus of demonstrations, who want a regime change but find their leaders falling short in this respect.

The kernel of this commentary is how seriously the Mullahs are taking the probability of a highly lethal and widespread attack in the near future or at least taking the clerics away from the discomfort of an effective sanction on trade with Iran and banning travel of these people to destinations outside Iran.

What is heartbreaking is the direct and indirect support of Obama, in Jihad Moslem fashion,  for this bloodthirsty and brutal regime, which deflates opposition protesters psychologically to where instead of being encouraged by support from America surging ahead, instead they see their Mullah enemy receiving the support the dissenters want.

Without a doubt, Obama's every action supports Islamic desires and benefits under the false pretense if unclenching our American fist just as everything Jimmy Carter did  benefited the Soviets to a point where the comment came about that "Carter was the best Soviet president America ever elected.

 With his low life, inept, inexperienced street level thuggery mindsets and almost fanatical and ideological insistence to destroy as much of our nation before his ability to do so evaporates in the November elections where he loses control of both the Senate and Congress he has comfortably taken away the title of America's worst president ever from Jimmuh the idiot Carter.

It was hard to imagine anyone being worse than Carter until Obambi hit the town with his criminal enterprise and weird czars and total deaf ear to what the American people want.

Resulting in, so far a rule by tyranny! Right now America is no longer a free republic, except in name but in the coils of the Obama serpentine  tyranny, where his people pass huge bills they have not read and without input accepted or examined from Republicans or Independents. And most  other bills by voice votes where passage is a subjective evaluation  by one of their own and avoids any record of who voted for what.

And the one party criminal enterprise does not even allow all of their own to contribute. Instead the leadership writes up bills behind closed doors.

Unless America wakes up and votes the Democrats and turncoat Republicans out of office and thus puts brakes on budgets/funds on Oba-Hussein's nefarious plans, we can say goodbye to our country forever and try to live in a bankrupt, lunatic, tyrannical environment created by someone who has never had to run anything, not even a coffee shop or  tiny business and has no clue of life outside his street level, Chicago style thuggery he used in his neighborhood organizing strong arm mindsets.


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