Sunday, June 06, 2010


As Obama's support plummets in freefall, by contrast the likelihood of his secrets and fraud emerging into public view rises proportionally. With a career ending series of events on the horizon.

And quite a number of others will go down with him.

Why else would the military refuse to allow legal discovery to Lt. Colonel Laitkin, almost ensuring a mistrial at his Court Martial while still blocking the truth/fraud emerging.

The Obama administration may well be ENCOURAGING Iran to provoke a confrontation in any armed naval escort of a Gaza blockade breaker to goad Israel into a response attack on Iranian ships, which would trigger severe Hamas and Hezbollah attacks on Israel with missiles in retaliation.

THEN all hell will break loose for the street level thug Oba-Hussein, unable to see beyond his desire to destroy us, as an estimated 50,000 + Jihadi suiciders/homiciders ALREADY inside the USA and thousands more aimed at US targets worldwide in a frenzy of soft targetting attacks in many other nations leap into action.

Loss of oil supply from Iran and possibly the Persian Gulf as a whole will also raise the value of Brazilian oil, in which Obama has a clear vested interest on behalf of Soros.

IMHO Obama will delight in the destruction he unleashes on America and American interests, which is far too focused to be pure ignorance.

Just as the lackadaisical, casual Gulf oil spill handling and thus an excuse for a drilling ban SERVES TO BOOST THE VALUE of Brazilian offshore investment held by his master Soros. And protects Saudi oil sales to the USA, while increasingly, the sales are siphoned off to an oil hungry China, thus further starving us.

And makes Brazilian oil even more viable and valuable. Here, we must consider the recent Iran-Brazil nuclear co-operation in the all round win for hard to deny, Moslem Obama, Soros, Brazil, Iran and to a degree for their radical Venezuelan ally.

Plus the deep sea BP oil reservoir is apparently the second biggest reserve in the world and shutting it down and any other access to it a huge plus for Soros and Brazil.

The fact that the BP CEO (or President) sold well over a $1 million of his stock ONE WEEK BEFORE the explosion does lead to less than a tin foil conspiracy possibility that this was a planned event between BP (which invested millions in Oba-Hussein and reaped huge profits from lack of supervision of their operations). And would support the motives outlined above.

Or a  diver could be tasked to cause the explosion for the same nefarious motivations

With any administration, even weird Carter or unscrupulous Clinton, other than the Oba-Hussein Thugocracy, I would shun such a comment as tinfoil hat level. Here, as I watch our nation being destroyed - IMHO on purpose - this appears too plausible to avoid sharing.

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